Kim Ji-Hoo Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

October 8, 2008 at 10:57 am | Posted in Stars | 23 Comments

Actor Kim Ji-who was found dead in his house in an apparent suicide, police said Wednesday, the fourth suicide by an entertainer in just one month.

Songpa Police Station confirmed the 23-year-old hung himself at his home in Jamsil, southern Seoul, Monday.

Police said they found a suicide note at the scene, saying, “I’m lonely and in a difficult situation. Please cremate my body.”

Kim’s death is the latest in a series of suicides. Transsexual entertainer Jang Chae-won hung herself in the bathroom of her home on Friday, following the deaths of actor Ahn Jae-hwan and actress Choi Jin-sil.

“Given the note and testimony from his family members, we believe he apparently committed suicide,” a police officer said.

Police said his suicide reflects public prejudice toward gay people and their difficulty in succeeding in the entertainment industry.

Following the announcement of his sexual orientation, Kim’s management agency did not renew his contract and many TV programs and fashion shows cancelled his appearances. His blog was bombarded with numerous messages denouncing his sexual orientation.

“He underwent many professional and personal difficulties following his coming-out,” Kim’s mother said during police questioning.

Hong Seok-chun, Kim’s aide and also homosexual, said, “Like me, he suffered from numerous discriminations against him.”

Born in 1985, Kim made his debut as a fashion model last year and appeared in some soap operas this year.

Source: Korea Times
Picture Source: JK News
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Another sad loss for the Korean entertainment industry… T_T



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  1. South Korea has a talented entertainment history. If they want to expand they need to be more open to different things. That includes all of Asia. To be more global you have to set aside your views sooner or later. RIP Kim Ji- Hoo

  2. What has the world succumbed to??
    Good ppl dying so young!!
    I think it’s a chain reaction..
    3 Korean celebs commit suicide in less than a week!!

  3. It’s so sad how such talented people are leaving this world. 😦
    I hope the Korean government finds a solution soon because it’s reaching such a high magnitude.

    R.I.P. Kim Ji-Hoo

  4. There have been way too many suicides lately. This is sad. Rest in peace, Kim Jihoo. 😦

  5. Kim Ji-Hoo is the same person as Jang Chae-won. He changed his name and obviously his looks. Just to make it clear to u guys, its not another person.

  6. oops nevermind i was thinking about someone else

  7. What in the world is wrong with Korea?

    The netizens??

    The intense discrimination towards gay people??

    Please, no more.

  8. What’s wrong with Korea now? More and more people are committing suicide these few days. And it’s all because of the netizens. They caused the death of these people. They criticized them and they couldn’t take it.


  9. 😦
    He was a good acter, sad with so many that take there lifes…. Rest In Peace:(

  10. I was not aware of this bright young star and his succsses, but am acutely aware of the influence and impact; the fear and the courage that is needed as part of the coming out process.

    Here in lies the problem; its never a one time event. A gay person will come out a hundred, hundred, times in only one lifetime. Every person you meet, every potential friend you could make, can turn on a dime ~ to become your foe.

    As a result of misunderstanding, fear, confusion, judgment and lack of compassion towards another human being, a gay person, however confident, faces the potential of some aspect of homophobia as long as they live.

    In truth and in my own experience, it never gets “easier” to come out; but it is a blessing when we find those rare few who are willing to accept another human being on unconditional terms.

    My heart goes out to the familly and friends of this vibrant, talented, couragious man. His courage and life will not go unoticed…

  11. […] Hong Seok-chun, Kim’s aide and also homosexual, said, “Like me, he suffered from numerous discriminations against him.” (source@seoulfull) […]

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  13. OMG….how come this can happend
    another korean stars…suicide…

    i cant believe that this is happening…
    may he rest in peace…

  14. What kind of management agency he had? In the difficult time of their talented young star they should have stood by his side. Were they(management agency) just there to suck his blood and exploit when he is making money? All stars in Korea should boycott that disgusting management agency. I also hope Korean people will open their eyes with more tolerance and understanding homosexuality.

  15. wow thats really sad…

  16. OK this is scary, what is going on in KOREA, why are all of their famous taking their own lives? something has to be wrong, i mean it is not just their famous but its what we hear about the most. I don’t understand why this rush of suicides. I hope someone gets to the bottom of this and find what is going on, this way too much.

  17. the internet is only the tip of the ice berg…

    society is in dire need of a revolution… the way ppl think is what screams for change…not how they express it.

  18. I dont know who this guy is..but i was reading on wikipedia a list of people who committed suicide die to a paper im doing on a photographer…and i saw his name thinking i knew him at least by face….but this is really tragic….the day he died i turned 27 yrs old….just to think that this happened on the other side of the world…..he was so young….he death was a cry for help…but yet no one heard him……to all the people who take their life away…are wanting to break free from what is holding them back..and they need to be heard and paid attention to…

  19. Are you the one ji hoo in the boys over flowers?I’m so curious about ji hoo coz I really admired him so much..

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  21. kalau aq tahu kalo kamu kesepian…
    knapa nggak sms aq kak..?
    aq kan bisa jadi teman yang baik….

  22. what a pity world that we have on this world where their now want understand people feeling their disgrace them just because his orientation but when he death all people felt sorry and asking why he have to take his life out?
    next time please to consider their feeling do discriminate them just because orientation.

  23. jihoo is death realy 😦

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