BoA’s U.S. debut song will be released in 30 countries

October 7, 2008 at 9:35 pm | Posted in Music, Releases | 9 Comments

BoA’s U.S. debut song “Eat You Up” will be released in 30 countries around the world and 300 sites online.

An SM Entertainment agent said, “‘Eat You Up’ was originally scheduled to release on October 7, but instead on the 21st it will be released around the world.”

In the United States on October 21 (local time), the song will be available on iTunes, Amazon, E-Music and Myspace, and ringtones will be available through AT&T and T-Mobile. In South Korea on the 22nd it will be available on Melon, Dosirak, Cyworld, and other music sites.

In addition, it will be released in Japan, China, Thailand, and other Asian countries, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and other European and Oceania countries, to make 30 countries in total and 300 websites that will have availability.

The agent also said, “We are planning to have download services for ‘Eat You Up,’ and then expand gradually.”

Source: Yonhap News
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P.S. Thanks to Jackie for the tip!



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  1. Geramny! holy crap, yeah!!!!

  2. And australia too ^^
    cant wait to see the reaction .. should be all good many asians here anyway so even if the western market isnt interested she should get a good response XP
    dbsg should come to australia >__> (wishful thinking)

  3. Lols, I was sort of hoping to listen to it today,
    unfortunately >_>;;
    Still, it’d be interesting to see BoA’s CD here (I hope) (I mean 30 countries, tell me Canada is one of them- we’re right next to the freaking states)
    I can’t wait. xD

  4. Wow, they’re really looking to expose BoA. That’s good.

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  6. yay ^-^ at least in EU as well ^-^ I’m eager for that . Thank you so much 🙂 Please keep on going u great job *hugs*

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  8. i didnt know this is going to be releasedf in aus…thats cool. i’ll keep a look out for it!
    cos im going to support her defintely!!!!!

  9. I could not wait for BoA’s new album I’m such a huge fan of BoA her music is great she makes me want to dance all the time I pre ordered it before it came out and I m in love with every song!

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