Koo Hye Sun, Selected As ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Heroine

October 6, 2008 at 3:08 am | Posted in Television | 16 Comments

Actress, Koo Hye Sun (25) has been cast as the heroine of the much anticipated drama, ‘Boys Over Flowers.’

On October 5th, Koo Hye Sun’s spokesperson revealed that, “Koo Hye Sun has to make haste and join the cast to begin filming in the middle of this month. She had been interested in contributing to this Korean Version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ even before the announcement,” and that, “she is highly enthusiastic about performing in this drama.”

When netizens were asked which actress would look good as the heroine of ‘Boys Over Flowers,’ they all gave Koo Hye Sun their support placing her as their number one pick. Do you agree or disagree?

Source: Hankooki
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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  1. is she like, violent? lol cos from what i’ve seen of her she seems very, uhm, delicate? 😡 lol molla but whatever it is, i’m wishing the entire cast my very very very best cos i really want this drama to totally blow my brains out.

  2. AHHH noo ; ;
    i didnt like her in Strongest Chil Woo MEH
    she better be good in this otherwise i will be dissapointed ):

  3. Yay Koo Hye Sun! I really liked her in Nonstop but I haven’t seen her in anything since then so I hope this turns out well. 😀

  4. awesome! so cute and very experienced actress. loved her in pure 19 and nonstop 5, king and i, and strongest chilwoo. she is more than capable of pulling off makino character – she can be very gentle and sweet as well as fiery and funny – is great at making all kinds of facial expressions – i love her!!! can’t wait to see the drama!

  5. hi they’re..i really like her so much..she’s really soo cute and like the way..she act,the way she moves,and more on her….it’s really fantastics..show..from the primetime show of BOYS OVER FLOWER..her name thier…as jan di..she’s one of a kind women..she was kind of a girl.. who..don’t..stop..you know..she ‘s the..one to fight for all girlss..innocent.. that’s all…chao!

  6. …i really like her the way the act and she is so cute.
    I wish to see her in personal
    good lack to all ur projects….
    god blezzz…..!!!!!!!!!
    add me plz… dhenz_enaud06@yahoo.com

  7. i love koo hye sun very muchhh!!
    saya cinta koo hye sun as fan ..
    actually im a girl.
    dont think a negative main..
    i hope i can be like her..

  8. nak’zzzz.ang galing nya!!!super hot ang dating ng boys over flowers d2 xa philippines!!!!aja!!!!

  9. saranghee koo hye sun i like the boys over flowers i want too see you and my idol kim bum,soeun,lee min ho,kim hyung joong and kim joon i love you very much you are soo cute you and lee min ho is very sweet in the movie i very like the boys over flowers byyyyeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU MMMMMWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  10. …yepee!nice look!
    _i love how you act!
    ..i hope i can be a star celebriy like you!!
    _well,gudluck to you,and more success!

  11. …yepee!nice look!
    _i love how you act!
    ..i hope i can be a star celebrity like you!!
    _well,gudluck to you,and more success!

  12. well !.,i am no fan of “BOF” IWISH IN REAL LIFE JANDI AND LEE MIN HO IS IN RELATIONSHIP !!! HAHAHAHA…b’coz there are best couple …

    and i wish that i can see them ….

    god bless to the there show and more more project …

    _miezel pauline _



  15. bbf moga moga nambah maju ya i love vorever

  16. hi, I’ve watched the movie “boys over flowers’ twice and it’s nice to see the both of you have that kind of connection specially when the two of you have a romance scene.. keep it up

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