Singer Nam Jin to promote Seoul Immigration Office

October 5, 2008 at 10:21 am | Posted in Events, Stars | 2 Comments
Singer Nam Jin (left) and Director of Seoul Immigration Office Won Hyung-gyu

Singer Nam Jin (left) and Director of Seoul Immigration Office Won Hyung-gyu

Seoul Immigration Office on Wednesday (Oct.1) appointed Korea’s popular middle-aged singer Nam Jin, 62, as its new good-will ambassador.

Singer Nam vowed to promote various roles that Seoul Immigration Office plays for newcomers to Korea and help improve overall service. After the appointment ceremony he also participated in an hour-long mini concert during lunch time to show off his hit songs, to the delight of many in the office.

The total number of foreigners in Korea is fast approaching 2 million. Seoul Immigration Office is in charge of over 420,000 of them, which is 34 percent of Korea’s total foreign residents. The Office services an average of 3,000 foreign residents a day, usually related to visa applications, civil appeals, maintaining discipline and fitting into society.

Wednesday’s mini-concert helped relieve the stress and boredom of those who had to wait in line at the Immigration Office. The mini concert is the second of its kind. The first act was Eva (from the United Kingdom), Kirsty (Australia) and Chinese-Korean singer Choi Yeon-hwa who appear on the popular talk show “Beauty’s Talk.”

“We hope this mini concert helps people work out the stress of everyday life,” said Won Hyung-gyu, the director of the Office, adding that the place will continue to host such events in the future.

Nam Jin is one of the best known popular singers of Korea with a long career. He debuted in 1965 and won the Golden Disk Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007.

He is also an honorary good-will ambassador for the 2012 Yeosu World Expo and boasts various hit songs which have become classics in Korea.

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  1. Wow cool, I love Nam Jin!

  2. who can I contact cause I’ve got immigration problems in getting my E2 visa.

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