Rain’s 5th album jacket image revealed

October 5, 2008 at 9:57 pm | Posted in Music | 11 Comments

Rain’s 5th album jacket image marks the start of his comeback. His 5th album “Rainism” jacket image and comeback showcase schedule has now been released to the public.

Rain’s 5th album shows his charm and sophistication, and the main image and expression of the album is shown as a mature production. Because of the male dancers in line (in the second picture above), one of his charms revealed in the image is one of being strong.

His J.Tune Entertainment agent said, “On October 17, Rain will comeback with ‘Rain Comeback Showcase “Me, Rain, Dance.”‘” Invited fans will also get the chance to see this showcase performance on October 9 at the MBC Dream Concert.

On October 10, MBC will air its special “It’s Raining” and on the 17th the “Rain Comeback Showcase ‘Me, Rain, Dance,'” providing two weeks in a row of Rain special shows.

Meanwhile, Rain’s second teaser video will be released through online portal sites on October 8.

Source: Review Star
Credit: https://seoulfull.wordpress.com
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More comebacks! Wow, it looks like the style now is to make up your own word for album titles (ex. “Hyorish,” “Mirotic,” and now “Rainism”). What do you think of Rain’s image? Are you excited for his comeback?



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  1. Wow the second pic looks… um, gay.

  2. Yeh it does.
    The songs: ‘Its Raining Men’ and ‘In the Navy’ pop into my head.
    Wow its absurdly queer

  3. Sorry, the second pic doesn´t tell me the image is” being strong”! It tells more of he loves the ” Village People” and being gay!

  4. The second pics is . . .
    But the first is wonderful ^^

  5. The first pic is hot ^^ Rain looks better than in his 4th album – his new image is more funky and classic looking and I’m lovin it 🙂

  6. @gabi
    Aaahhh so thats the name of those ppl ..the village ppl. ahaha in the 2nd pic u can actually see the cop-guy, american indian-guy ..and they look like they are at a steel works factory ..which, according to the simpsons, is the industry that is queerist XP

  7. I’m not sure about his expression on the first one… strangely I like the second one although I can see where the comments are coming from!!

    Maybe I prefer the poster that was shown for “love story” XD

  8. haha, i’m not too sure about his expression either… XD;

  9. I think I’m the only one who doesn’t think the second picture looks gay, haha.

    Rain looks pretty good.

  10. ooww the 2nd is defo gheei.

  11. […] Credit: Seoulfull@WP […]

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