TVXQ, “It’s Neither A Remake Nor Plagiarism”

October 4, 2008 at 4:50 am | Posted in Music | 10 Comments

Dong Bang Shin Gi’s new song, ‘Spell (MIROTIC)’ was criticized because of plagiarism.

When Dong Bang Shin Gi’s new album with the title track, ‘Spell (MIROTIC) was released, netizens simultaneously began identifying the similarities between their title track and German pop singer, Sarah Conner’s song, “Under My Skin.” Various arguments erupted with netizen’s stating, “This is plagiarism,” and “This is a remake.”

Dong Bang Shin Gi’s company spoke to the press on the 30th to clear this issue. “The composing team of Remee/Troelsen who composed BoA’s American debut song, ‘Eat You Up’ gave Dong Bang Shin Gi and Sarah Conner the same song” and that, “While Europe receives the rights for Sarah Connor’s version, Asia get’s Dong Bang Shin Gi.”

Furthermore, “when we first received the song, we knew that they were the same,” stated a spokesperson. “Sarah Conner made her version public last month but Dong Bang Shin Gi had finished recording in June.”

Source: Hankooki
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  1. ooooh drama. frankly ..who cares ..its not like their two markets will listen to both songs. this is like ..just something on paper. cant we just enjoy the music?

  2. ^ haha it probably was a few troublemakers stirring up drama only to give the group more attention

  3. i was kinda sad when i heard about the news that tvxq`s mirotic was a remake but im happie now with this news

  4. I think that a lot of DBSK fans don’t know about Phrased Differently.

  5. Ah, that link doesn’t work. Phrased Differently is where artists buy the rights to songs. DBSK’s “Box in the ship” is based on PD’s “X Marks the Spot.”

  6. if is was SM i wouldn’t have dbsk sing an asian version, although it’s not plagiarism or anything. Isn’t it better to be… original? even i you’re hiring a producer?

    frankly i like sarah o conner’s version, i don’t really like mirotic anyway, those guys suit slower, acapella type songs but if they want to be versatile… who cares.

  7. I don’t see why this is an issue with fans. So many of TVXQ’s songs are covers. Asian artists covering songs (or in this case, sharing) is not new.

  8. I don’t care if these both were original. I want the song only of TVXQ!. TVXQ! did awesome job with the song…but she sarah who…whoever…too much slutty…didn’t feel sexiness at all.

  9. ya, i dun really care about these matter. It just sometimes i get fed up when anti’s dbsk make this thing up become bigger issue.. Guess they r afraid coz DBSK already back. Honestly , i prefer DBSK than Sarah,not become i am a fan of DBSk ok.

  10. not because i am fan of DBSk==spelling error

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