The Asia Song Festival Is In Full Swing!

October 4, 2008 at 6:48 am | Posted in Events, Music | 73 Comments
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The Asia Song Festival opened on the 4th at Seoul’s Sangam World Cup Stadium with SS501’s passionate performance.

Shin Seung Hun, Dong Bang Shin Gi, SS501 and Asia’s best singers are expected to decorate the stage with magnificent performances.

Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and 12 various countries in teams of 20 singers have gathered for the harmony of Asia.

Dong Bang Shin Gi

Yunho breathes fire!



Girl’s Generation

Ho Quynh Huong


Anson Hu

Shin Seung Hun

Agnes Monica

Source: Newsen
Please take out only with credit and do not add any credits.



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  1. The Ho Quynh Huong pix looks like Karen Mok to me :=/

  2. ^ Unfortunately it seems to be Ho Quynh Huong unless Newsen made an error. I’m not familiar with her so I double checked ^^


  3. Oh wow ~ im so wishing i was there T__T

  4. Ohh looks like it was fun!

  5. oh my GOD!!!! from the pict, AGNES MONICA looks SO AMAZING!!!

  6. ok..seriously..
    anyonw..who is agnes monika?
    she look good…any news bout her?
    DBSK look great as usual tough

  7. Agnes Monica is Indonesia Pop Princess, she got so many award since she was young (acting n Singing) pIease teII me about her performance in that show..

  8. […] the “2008 Asia Song Festival” press conference on October 3, they said, “To be South Korea’s only female […]

  9. OMG! Fahrenheit is extremely manly and cool…… great,kk

  10. OMG… cannot believe
    Agnes Monika is the one that is
    represent the artist from indo?
    she is a total plagiarism… copycat (britney,christina,boa,rhianna and a lot more!)
    and she didn’t admit that she is copying people.
    she even said that she is the trend setter!?
    gosh… so all the above people is copying her stuffs? lol that is so hillarious!

    how can she manage to give the people
    in korea an original piece of work?

    gosh so many talented ones there @ASF
    she should feel embarrassed after performing..
    coz she her so called talent cannot be compared by
    the others. coz her one is definitely at the bottom
    of the hill. while the others are on top!

  11. @AMantis .. Whatever… Agnes Monica is muItitaIented girI, he start carrer since she was 5 years oId.she got so many award since she was 15th years oId both acting n singing, 2 weeks ago she got most favourite femaIe artist on MTV Indonesia ward, n her song Matahariku(My sun) got pIatinum coz have been downIoad more than 1.500.000 for Ring Back Tone. AGNES SEMANGAT!!! KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORKK!!! We AIways support u!!!

  12. @Y2n – dont u noe the word “suck up?”
    i don’t want to argue..
    i used to like her but NOT after wat i said above
    and many more.
    she has done something that doesn’t pleased a lot of people.

    and oh don’t forget… her bro is supportin her
    from the back since he work as a backstage people.
    no wonder she always got an award!
    and i noe many more things that u guys doesn’t noe.
    this is only half a thing that i says about her bad side. no not even half.
    i’m not showing of. but i noe some people
    who work at the entertainment industry in indo.
    so yeah…

    if u dunno a thing, and keep got blinded by her.
    i wont force u to stop.

    and one more thing. hahahah is this the so called “GO INTERNATIONAL”?
    congrats to her than!

  13. PaIing ga..kaIo kamu orang Indonesia hargai donk usaha.. dia dimata orang Iuar.. jangan di jeIek-in. Orang kaya gini nihhh… Yang ga berpikiran Iuas…

  14. well until she admit all the things i said above.
    i’ll accept her back.*her so called USAHA* but with her attitude.
    don’t even think about it.

    “gak berpikiran luas?” *kitikin Y2n.* ^^
    up 2 u wat u want to say about me.
    but i feel sorry to u. that’s the only thing 🙂
    may be if u knew most of the thing i knew about AM
    u’ll say the same thing as me. xDD

    since i still got the nice side of me ^_~
    i won’t tell the whole world of wat i noe.
    since her “usaha” atleast still a lot of people accept it :p

  15. It doesnt matter if you know people who work in the entertainment industry,and you may know more than us,
    well at least you should appreciate her efforts.
    She’s done her best and yet people are not supporting…
    If you’re in her shoes, can you do the same thing?
    Guys…please be more open-minded…

  16. I admire her(Agnes Monica)..since she was Kid.. I dont care what peopIe said.., I’d Iove 2 if my brother support me in my carrer, what’s wrong with that..(we can see that she have a wonderfuII & srong famiIy) 🙂

  17. @BIastoop- “I’d Iove 2 if my brother support me in my carrer, what’s wrong with that..(we can see that she have a wonderfuII & srong famiIy)”

    lol i guess u dunno wat i meant.
    but it’s okie ^^

    people can think watever they think!
    live is free! 🙂
    i’m not persuading u guys not to like AM
    but i’m just saying wat i tot about her.
    people agree with my opinion. that’s good.
    people don’t agree with my opi, than that’s fine 🙂

    @nuramal-“She’s done her best and yet people are not supporting…”

    hopefully she is doing her best 🙂
    i will support her if she is REALLY doing her best her own. with her own power ^_~

  18. where’s rivermaya?? anyways.. I wished I was able to watch em’ hope somebody will post their perf on yt lols <.< kinda wondering what they played.. nice to’ is one but i read somewhere they played two songs eheh i’m sure they did pretty well..

  19. @amantis, i think u have to stop u’r judge coz u don’t know am and whatever u say, the real fact am has being the best female asian singer.
    well, maybe this is the challenge that am must past it. actually, for am, past from gossip is more hard than always do her daily exercise to be the success singer.
    NEZ..don’t be donwn hear everything negative about u. coz the real fact, more people don’t like u is b’coz they jealous view u’r success. they can’t do what u do to get the success.
    and i’m sure u never down with the bullshit things coz u strong and u have God.
    ok Nez stay do u’r daily activity to get u’r dreams.
    1 day i really hope they can realize that all that they say about u is b’coz they jealous to u not b’coz u have the ugly perform.

    ok guyzz..
    i just wanna tell to ya’all
    different argument are normal
    n if we can finish the problem with think positively than everything is beautiful

    peace for me


  20. @jeze- ^^ jelous? why would i have to be jelous of her?
    if i want to.. i rather choose the holliwoods
    singers XDD

    yeah Nez.. don’t be down… while u can 🙂

  21. @amantis, don’t hate. If you have nothing good to say, you’d better silent. That’s what the US peeps said. And judging from her performance, Agnes was good.

  22. @ furansizuka – lol as i said above.
    life is free.
    u can’t ask someone to keep silent or not to hate a person.
    i can talk and want to let off my opinion, so u have no rights to ask me to keep quite. 🙂

    i won’t say anything about ur comment about AM’s perf.coz every people are different when it comes to opinion. not all people will think it’s good.

  23. i believed newsen made a mistake.
    it’s Karen Mok in the pic, not Ho Quynh Huong.

  24. well then…for those who love Agnes and for those who Agnes anti..Guys..this is what we call life..^^ sometime it’s fair and sometime it’s, hold your back and just watch and listen…what will she’s doing next…

  25. yauda la yah!nga usah berantem2!indo love nya mana sih??agnes is a cool person!eventhough i dont really like her but she’s still putting the effort.siapa sih yg nga tau dia ikut2an britney christina udahlah jgn d omongin dsini.malu2in bangsa woi!!hehehe.she’s improving btw.

  26. @amantis..bener tuh man..hidup tanpa mencampuri urusan dan mencela orang aja hidup kita udah rumit,jangan loe bikin tambah rumit deh hidup loe..begitu dibilang loe iri sm agnes,comment loe langsung melunak..itu berarti hati kecil loe bilang iya.lagian am bwa nama indonesia..trus mlh dapet award best singer di ajang itu.oiya gw suka waktu agnes nyanyi lgu nasional d acara memperingati hari kebangkitan tanyakan dan pertanyakan apa yang orang akan dan telah beri kepada negaramu,tapi tanyakan apa yang telah kau berikan kepada negaramu..

    Mencela orang bukan salah satunya lho..

  27. @ Amantis
    U’re a great looser ever
    just shut ur fuckin mouth off (ups sorry)

    just skip about “amantis the UnderDOG”
    whatever it was it
    Agnes monica is ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!

  28. @amantis : just shut up & watch!!
    she don’t even need your whateva opinion tho..lolz
    u just jelaous because YOU WILL NEVER could do the same thing as what she has done..
    are you able to achieve those awards?
    you don’t need to answer it, coz the answer is really abvious, A BIG NO NO FOR YA!

    i think you only can be seated and talk something bad about somebody else.. as we know, nobody is perfect..including YOU, let me repeat again!

    eventhough agnes maybe did something wrong, but AT LEAST SHE KEEPS IMPROVING HERSELF!!
    this is one of the step to go international.
    i think you are not only unable to go international,but you even can’t beat jakarta, lolzz

    not even copied one of them
    if you still telling everybody that she’s copying somebody else.. PLEASE REFER TO YOUR ENGLISH-INDONESIAN DICTIONARY to check on “INSPIRED” word!! if not, better to shut your mouth up..

  29. […] The Asia Song Festival Is In Full Swing! The Asia Song Festival opened on the 4th at Seoul’s Sangam World Cup Stadium with SS501’s passionate […] […]

  30. I just show AGNES MONICA in youtube.. woowww the audience was amazing, Thx For AII korean peopIe who AIso support Agnes Monica in ASIA SONG FESTIVAI 2008 : )

  31. I Iove Agnes Monica performance in ASF, she was sing her new song Right?? and The Audience was AMAZING.. Thx for all support 🙂

  32. ahhahhha… look at u guys!!!
    u guys are ORDERING me to shut up? blah blah blah?
    u guys cant do that? *i’m not a freakin ROBOT*
    how about if i say U GUYS SHUT UP! DON’T SUPPORT AM!

    WILL U guys do that? *THINK B4 U TALK~ siippp? ^_~

    watever wat u guys want to say about me being Jelous!
    *happy meh? * :PP

    ofcourse u guys says she’s awsome hahaha u guys liked her!

    I THINK U GUYS SHOULD THINK of other people’s opinion. (to the person who thinks the oposite thinking of wat u guys THINK)
    @ sitnama – it’s true of wat u said. I’m Not Perfect!*who says i’m perfect :p * therefore i can hate whoever i want to

    This is my opinion again!
    when whoever person start bad talk the idol i like
    i will accept what they think!
    whether they are ugly,untalented and such!
    don’t expect all people will have the same opinion like u!
    so it’s free for IDOL ANTIS to bash them!

    once again! STOP THINK TALK!
    DONT- TALK and THINK later!

  33. @sitnama- hahahah tandanya peterpan udah step ahead
    drpd agnes yg udah gembar gembor GO INTERNATIONAL
    dunk dari jaman kapan tuh? 3taon lalu? hahahhaa
    kan peterpan yg duluan ke ASF ini. 2 taon lalu apa taon lalu. nah itu kan pada saatnya agnes gembar gembor.

    gw c pgn blg ya. artis korea aja go international ke amrik kaya BOA, RAIN, Se7en… itu aja belon tentu sukses! mrk aja tuh yg boleh di blg yg udah TOP ASIAN singers lah, udah ternama di yg namanya JPG,INDO,THAI,PHIL,MALAY etc2.

    terus nih gw bukannya mau jelekin negara gw sendiri, tp tuh the FACT about country kite.
    ada gitu artis indo yg terkenal di asia laennya
    kaya KOREA,CHINA (taiwain), Jap? gak ada kan?
    indo tuh cuman ampe Malay. nah ini c agnes ke asia aja juga belon mau langsung ke Amrik?

    gw c kasian aja. kaya begini kan jadi bnyk olokannya. emang bnyk penyeport tp, klo dia tinggi begini terus dan akhirnya gak ada bukti. nah sapaa yg malu coba. agnes dan fansnya kan yg slama ini
    ampe marah2 put up ama antifansnya AM.

    mangkanya… best effort c best effort.
    kalo mulut gak gede, rendah ati, gw jg yakin dia
    gak bnyk pembencinya.

    gw akuin dia emang good in someways.
    tp laganya itu loh. SOK tinggi banget!
    kalo blg step by step kan lebih enak di dgr.
    blg kaya mau ke asian market dulu. nah abies itu ke amrik.

    tp kalo emang agnes believe in wat she’s doing gw c cuman mengeluarkan apa yg gw pkr the best for her.
    tp gak smua org bkl pkr pemikiran gw ini bnr.
    bnr apa kata AMantis.

    gw c gak berpihak ama sapa2 gw cuman melontarkan pemikiran gw.
    moga2 smua bisa trima 🙂


  34. @ amantis: lol.. u’re so funny..
    u’re the one who just keep talking
    but NEVER THINK.. it’s better for u to have a look on ur face in the mirror beofre u talk bout other people

    haha there’s no use that u hate her so much, coz SHE STILL ROCKS EVERY PERFORMANCE!!!
    and u just SUCK on every words when u’re talking
    yeah, it’s free for every people to talk and give opinion, including ME!
    I’m free to BASH & FUCK ON U!!!
    screw on u, haha

  35. @ XOXO:
    AM cuma mempunyai cita2 utk go international, namanya orang excited wajar2 saj orang itu membagi2kan rasa excitednya ke org2 lain. sebenarnya dia juga tdk berniat utk pamer ato sekedar gembar gembor seperti apa yg dipikirkan org2. jangan lupa, dia pernah mengatakan sesuatu yg berbunyi seperti ini: kalau bisa go inter ya bagus, kalau tidak setidaknya saya sudah mencoba.

    dan memang orang2 indonesia sendiri yg suka memandang rendah bangsa sendiri, tiap artis yg mau go inter, langsung di blg sombong, sok2an.
    heran gw liat yg tdk menyupport artis sendiri, termasuk artika saridevi yg memperjuangkan nama indonesia di dunia international, malah di hujat2.
    weleh2 memang org indo yg selalu berpikiran negative ya. gak sadar juga betapa bobroknya image bangsa kita di mata dunia, bali yg di bangga2kan indoensia saja udah gak terlalu laku, apalagi yg bisa di banggakan indonesia?
    makanya salah satu faktor utk menaikkan image indonesia juga denagn menyupport tiap artis yg berusaha utk membawa nama bangsa ke luar. apalagi para putri2 indonesia.
    anyway, just pray for AM and kita tunggu aja gebrakan dr AM.
    step by stepnya uda dimulai kog 🙂

  36. @sitnama- ahahhaha
    r u suree??? hahahah
    lol belive it or not apparently
    i did! STOP THINK and TALK!
    not like someone…. la la la la :ppp
    *pointing at u* *oh also i want to give u a mirror*
    all u can do is only swearing and trying to
    handle with anger! :ppp

    yeah bring it on.. i dont mind u want to bash me or sumthing.
    than wat is the different between u and me?
    i’m being mean to UR so CALLED IDOL, BUT i didnt bad talk about U PERSONALLY. BUT u are being so rude to me??

    let me quote this again!
    “u’re the one who just keep talking
    but NEVER THINK.. it’s better for u to have a look on ur face in the mirror beofre u talk bout other people”

    but now u want to F*** on Me? awh honey 😦
    sadly u cant do that. we’re too far :ppp

    Honey… not “screw on u!” SCREW U!
    u ask me to look at the Indo-english dictionary,
    but i think u are the one who need to improve the grammar :ppp

    GO XOXO!!!

  37. owh one more thing! i want to tell all of u who
    says AM got an award at this event *ASF*

    ALL the artist got one! ahhahah
    so nothing to show off yo 🙂

  38. @AMantis: whatever u say,whatev u do,4 would never change the reality.we will see the public opinion,not just from u,a jealousy&not open-Minded person.
    You’ll be embarrased of what u have said.
    Agnes is a tough girl,n i believe she never walk alone on his carrier(i mean not with her bro,but with GOD)
    thanx to God for creating a person like AMantis,who make lough out loudly.hwa hwa hwa

  39. I keep suport Agnes Monica
    Her performance is always awsome!
    she always try to give her best performance.
    N aBoUt TVXQ
    So CoOL…..

  40. @Zoe- why would i be embarrassed of wat i said?
    i did my STOP THINK and TALK 🙂

    people just don’t get it.
    who says i’m trying to change the reality of AM?
    hahhaha i just don’t get it. i’m just saying of wat i think about AM.. IS that WRONG?
    the thing is that U GUYS DON’T ACCEPT wat i said!
    that makes it hard on u! coz u dont understand.

    yeah im SUCH a big JELOUS girl and not an open minded girl! ESP towards AGNES XDDD
    *u muzt be so happy*

    hahhaha bring “GOD” in this situation?

  41. for those who loves AM.. i dun tink she care if u guys are supporting her or not.. she doesn noe dat u guys r supporting her…so i tink its jus a waste of time.. she doesn noe who u guys r anyway..i bet ya anythin she wont look at u if u walk by n past her…

  42. @ blupi: you don’t even know what she’s doing right now, so don’t judge hern 1st. she’s care about her fans, maybe you don’t even know about that thing, because you aren’t including as her fans

    oops sorry if i said a fact bout “amantis” bitch sorry, NOT INTERESTED with you, AT ALL!!
    thanks for ur kindness, i’ve my own mirror.
    it’s better for you to buy for yourself, don’t waste your money and you energy to act as a kind person, faker.
    lol, you called this is a great grammar??
    “BUT u are being so rude to me??”
    don’t you ever learn what is the correct formula for a question sentence? tobe is infront of everything, not “u”.
    go back to your primary school and study from the basic.

  43. hahahhahhaa
    blupi.. wat ever u say it’s so true!
    my couz is her fan. want to say hi and all
    wat she’s done? IGNORE HIM and just go!
    *oops i let her down again :p *

    ahhahahha who would like to get F*** by u anyway?
    u might be a girl! i’m not a freakin Lesbian!
    u might be a guy? hahaha guy like u is so not my type.
    so both are out!
    not u noe the meaning of SARCASTIC?

    hahah who says i want to buy u a mirror?
    i can just get u the mirror from the bin :p
    why would i want to waste my money to the person i dun even noe! hahahaha

    awh i dun need lotsa mirror! since i’m not NARCIS!

    AHUAHUHAUHUAUA i guess the way u read that
    is so wrong… !
    honey i have stayed in Australia for MORE than half of my age.
    so i dont need to go back to primary school.
    here everyday i talk with westerners!

    let me quote this again!
    “u’re the one who just keep talking
    but NEVER THINK.. it’s better for u to have a look on ur face in the mirror beofre u talk bout other people”

    hahhaa u DON’t NOE ME!

  44. guys.. why don’t u guys stop the argument.

    just let it go.
    AMantis- don’t like AM just let her be.

    Sitnama- loves AM then just love her,and just ignore the antis.

    i bet you all, these wont stop.
    JUST accept both parties opinion…

  45. please stop the arguments. this is not the place to do it. thank you.

  46. Just last word from me to amantis. He said “i don’t want to argue..” BUT it seems he’s the one who wants to argue alot. You can say anything you like, but all I can see is you’re mocking all the time. Peace to y’all.


    @furansizuka – SPEECHLESS!!*or i shood say i’ll just shut my mouth*
    this is wat happend if u don’t understand and look around properly.

    @seoulfull- i don’t want to create ur blog to be such a messy ugly looking blog, so therefore i won’t comment anything no more.
    it’s up to u all wat u guys think of me.
    since our opinion won’t ever be the same..
    it’s true wat peace said “this will have no end”

  48. aaaaaaaaah!!!! i don’t know this asia song fes…T_T

    do u guys know the utube links?

  49. freak- they are only fancams available.
    the full broadcast one is not yet broadcasted ^^

  50. Uhm….
    G twh yha.
    koqz ad yg muji agmon ad juga yg g suka..
    Benerna qu juga d blg suka engga, d blg g suka juga g benci bgt..
    Iya che,,
    Dy dr dulu gembar-gembor mawh go inter.
    Napz g pgi?
    Lgan gw bilang dy susah k sana.
    Secara BoA, Rain n Se7en aja blom berhasil k sana..
    DB aja masih tunggu ntuk bisa sukses d asia dulu br k xana..
    Agmon d asia aja blom gitu kn…

    Last Word for DB..
    DB qren BGT!!
    Love u so much dsh.

  51. that Agnes Monica was awesome and looks great ^_^

    warm regards from fellow Singapore

  52. walaupun COPYCAT tp hargain dikitlah .
    negara lain aja banggain artisny sndiri sndiri .
    lah Indonesia ?
    malah dihina hina .
    dasar . org yg kaya gitu tu yg bkin negara kt g maju maju !

  53. AGNES MONICA makes indonesian proud
    love her…confident can courage….
    GOODLUCK to her…

  54. Kudil…You’re right dear!!!! I agree!!!! Indonesia Fighting!!!!! 🙂

  55. wo…the comment are hotter than the news.
    me myself a fans of DBSK. But, this comment full of the people who mock and love Agnes Monica(hope I write this right).
    I never hear this name before..but this “war”comment make me wonder. who is this girl? She must be something worth to look at. So, I search the youtube. turn out she is OK for me..what’s the problem with her really?

  56. ^ dicko haha i noe 1 problem about her .. LOL i heard
    she said she used to go out with our leader U-know Yunho ROFL!!!
    totally *speechless*

  57. ^ chongmal? O_o r u serious? wahhh hahaha
    she really is something ^^
    may be she really is something worth to look @ xD

  58. one word for AGNES MONICA.. AMAZING..!!!

    i’ am never saw like her..she’s very energic and hot..!!! i’ am never borred if i saw her in youtube.. if i know.. where come from her..?? and i hope i can got the album AGNES MONICA..

    i think her not same with britney spears..i think her more great..and beautiful..and interactive with audience…woowwww i saw in youtube she’s can speak korea..wwooooowwwww…AMAZING..LOVE U SO MUCH GIRL..I HOPE U COME MY COUNTRY AND SINGING 4 MY COUNTRY..!!!

  59. apa kabar orang2 indonesia???
    bagi saya semua artis yang tampil di acara ini COPYCAT, katanya ASIA song festival, tapi mana sisi musikalitas keasiaannya?? GA ADA!!!
    Semua artis ngikutin gaya2nya boyband and penyanyi2 Amrik sono.

    Kirain Agnes mau bawa anggota degung atau gamelan bali gitu,,ternyata sama aja semuanya, what a boring festival!!!

    di mana terobosannya? where is the truly asian breaktrough?
    Masing2 penonton punya massanya sendiri2 kayak mo liat dagangan partai politik, semua artis di sini berbasis massa. Semua orang ingin artis favenya yang keliatan lebih hebat dari yang lainnya.
    saya akan sangat bangga jika di sini agnes mau membawa rombongan musik tradisional, contohnya angklung, supaya dunia, khususnya Asia tau kalo angklung berasal dari Indonesia dan bukan dari negara lain. Udah deh…sekarang bukan zamannya Justin Timberlake wannabe, Beyonce wannabe, Brit wannabe, Backstreet Boys wannabe, sekarang saatnya kita menunjukkan jati diri kita yang sebenarnya sebagai warga asia. Kita kan udah tau klo amrik udah ngacauin perekonomian dunia, mestinya kita tunjukkan yang terbaik dari Asia, biar amerika tau klo dunia bukan sekadar AMERICA. we have our own music, the traditional music which is rich..

  60. gini aja deh amantis…

    klo ntar indo dilirik ma neg laen gara” perf artisnya..kan lo sndiri yg seneng..mksud gw kite”..bangsa indo..

    apa salahny c dukung artis dr neg sndiri..
    lagian ya klo mo itung”an soal plagiat/copycat/apalah namanya itu..smua artis pun yakin bener…

    itu dance-ny dbsk..suju..apa bkn ngikutin gaya barat? tarian asli KR kan gag gt!
    ud gt gw malah bangga ma agmon..dia msh memikrkan bet nampillin kebudayaan indonesia lwt tariannya!!!

    mana ada artis laen yg di ASF 2008 mikirin soal itu..mksudnya mnampilkan sesuatu yg mnjadi ciri khas/budaya dr negaranya!!!

  61. @sally

    setidknya agmon ngbawain tarian bali yg di mix sm dance dia yg biasanya..^^

  62. Emang orang2 Asia pada nyadar kalo itu tarian dari Bali??? tari Bali tapi kok kayak bukan tari Bali, mungkin kita orang indo nyadar klo maksudnya tuh mo nari bali, tapi orang2 Asia keseluruhan gimana?? Aku kan udah bilang, mana kebudayaan ASLI itu ditunjukkan???mana terobosannya?? “tari Bali”nya juga cuma beberapa detik, kok udh dibilang tari bali?! ITU namanya maksa, duh sebenernya aku malu agnes tampil di ajang itu. Soalnya dia SAMA SEKALI ga original (seperti yg banyak orang bilang)


    dan kayaknya festival ini banyak ditonton ama cewek2 daripada cowok2, cowok2 asia juga pada ngerasa geli kali ngeliat festival ini..Dan, ingat, cowok2 tuh rasionalitasnya lebih baik dan jelas daripada cewek2. Sekarang tanya ma diri sendiri, apakah rasionalitas saya sudah jalan dengan mengagung2kan artis favorit saya di festival yang gak jelas ini?


  63. love DBSK!=)

  64. karen mok is amazing =)

  65. Agnes tirulah Siti Nurhaliza, berbusana konservatif, musiknya ganti aliran jadi yg lebih konservatif, tiru aja Malaysia jangan tiru2 Japanese atau Chinese pop culture yang sudah banyak terpengaruh westernisasi daripada apa yang kamu lakukan untuk membawa nama Indonesia selalu dihina2 bangsa kita sendiri. Kalau mau lihat tarian Bali full tahun depan kita tidak perlu kirim penyanyi, kirim saja penari2 dari Institut Seni Indonesia atau Sanggar2 Budaya

  66. Agnes monica.. I Love your balinese dance in ASF.. you can mix it with modern dance.. so every one love too see it… Nice performance…
    Love DBSK too.. Mirotic is one of my fave song now!!

  67. Wow, Agnes becomes a hot topic here. I think most of people who seem to say something bad about Agnes,just revealing their true colors after the more they are bitching about her. for me she’s smart, u can see by the way she’s answering the questions in most of her interview (no wonder, she’s a law student in one of the best universities in Indonesia). she’s a straightforward person which is can be a positive thing for open-minded people but unfortunately in most of asian countries dat can be seemed as an arrogancy (since people like to watch such a pretty boys or galls who tend to b nice in front of camera but such a bitch when the camera stop rolling, people tend to love fake people). moreover, i just think dat some people who’s bitching bout her rite now just have a problem themselves with their self-esteem (for those people, i just wanna say u bette learn from Agnes not bitching her all over da place, it just shows dat u r lack of many things dat Agnes has within her). For amantis or wateva, i just wanna say if u know everything about Agnes why don’t you tell us n keep it as a secret to urself????? it definitely shows dat u r just a STUPID person as ur comments which is base on nothing, no fact, dat’s why u just keep it keep it to urself and cowardly telling us about what you know, because u know exactly u have no strong argument to support you. well, dat’s how most of a STUPID PEOPLE act. if you think am wrong, let me n the other people here know of what you think is bad about Agnes dat none of us know (u just talked like u know everything bout her)????? and again, i need a strong argument n fact, am not wasting my time replying to the STUPID arguments based on nothing like ur comments above)
    Peace n Go Agnes)

  68. Gue gfans bgt sm Agmon…dr smua gya nya,tp knpa ya byk org slalu brkomtar negatif tntg agmon.smua org brhak mmpunyai mimpi dan kt hrs brusha mncpai nya dlm hdp hrs ad tantangan jgn dtar sja,dan kalo pun kt sdh brusha tp mimpi kt tdk trwjud mgkin itu adlh rncna Tuhan jd jgn prnah brhnti brmimpi krn bisa sj dr mimpi kt bs mnjapai kesuksesan jka kt mau bkerja dan brdoa.jd untk agmon jgn brhnti brmimpi mgkin mimpi itu bisa sja mnjd kyataan.anggp sj kritikan yg di br kan org it adlh kritikan yg mmbggn buat NeZ agar lbh baik lg.Mrka hanya bs mnilai org tp blm tntu mrka lbh baik,emang prestasi apa sih yg mrka pux.GOOD LUCK Ya buat NeZ.

  69. Selamat buat agnes !!! Masalah dia copy cat, banyak kok artis2 luar yg kyk gtu, boa misalnya, tapi gw liat biodata boa di wiki kalo musisi fav itu britney. Sementara agnes di albumnya yg brjudul ‘And The Story Goes..’ jg blg makasih buat j.Lo, christina, britney, madonna dll, karna udh jd inspirasi dia. Berarti mereka ngga asal copy cat donk, smua itu bth usaha & kerja keras dr mereka & buktinya agnes dan boa sama2 sukses, banyak yg suka dgn performa mrka saat di stage.. ,

  70. eh.. tw ak kan ada kabar kalo agnes nembak u know tu bener gak sih???
    mw gabung ke fans clubX sm entertaiment gak?klo mw contact us in 085624449760
    ntar biar di siapin pin,kartu,n bajuX

  71. Great Performance, Agnes. Gw bukan penggemar Agnes, Btw Let other People Judge. Buktinya dia dapat Award di Negeri Orang. Berarti dia Cukup Bagus. Bagi yang Indonesia Peoples, appreciate your own peoples who represent your own Countries. Dimana Nasionalisme nya ???. Hak kalian memang untuk bisa contribute Comment. Tapi Jangan menjelek jelekan orang sendiri di Mata International. Itu berarti Menjelek jelekan Bangsa Sendiri. Coba bercermin diri sendiri sudah bagus belum, sebelum comment Jelek2 ke Artis-2 yang sudah represent Negara masing-2. Bisa gak kalian seandainya perform di panggung tersebut bisa sebagus mereka ? So before Judging Peoples, Try to Judge Yourself. 🙂

    Btw salut untuk Asia Song Festival 2008.

  72. Ya udah sichhh..lgian agnes bgus kok..!!! Lgian pula artis y bs nyanyi sambil ngedance di indo cmn agnes kn??!!!
    Yach buat agnes selamat yach..btw bner jg penmpilannya nunjukin budaya indo. Sprti wktu acra asian idol tuch.. Indo bgt dachhh..hehehe

  73. Finally, for the second times agnes monica will be perform at 2009 Asia Song Festival, Agnes Monica Fighting!! =D

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