SEOULPOLL: BoA’s New “Eat You Up” Image & Song

October 2, 2008 at 9:15 pm | Posted in Music, Polls, Releases | 11 Comments

With BoA’s expected entry into the American music industry, it’s apparent that her career will take a different direction regarding its new intended audience. A Myspace account has been located that may turn out to be her official launched Myspace, though her official site hasn’t announced it. Whether it is or not, her “Eat You Up” debut song has been leaked (intentionally, perhaps?) and so far has received mixed reactions. Some like the direction, some dislike the lyrics, but like it or not her plans to push into the American music industry seems inevitable.

Listen to the song below and check out her promotion images for her first single, then take our poll.



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  2. The beat is hot but I’m running out of optimism for these artists crossing over.

    We’re still waiting on Rain, Min, G-Soul, Lim Jeong Hee, Se7en, etc and they have all dropped off the radar with their American projects.

  3. I could barely hear her vocals. The beat was a little too much and really, all i heard was “I’ll eat you up,” and that soon got annoying.

    i still hope she does well though.

  4. ^ =/ yeaa.
    i couldnt really hear much besides the “eat you up” part.
    maybe the mv will make a difference :]
    anyways, i’ll give her my full support.
    she worked so hard over the years.
    can’t wait for her debut.

  5. The lyrics aren’t great, but what current mainstream US lyrics are?? Her vocals on this track are good, but I’m not really feeling the image.

  6. I don’t like to be negative but I don’t see it going anywhere.
    The lyrics don’t mean much and even though the pop in America isn’t that amazing they just won’t buy it.
    Even if she did come out here it will only be for the Asian fans.
    Nobody else will see her.

  7. Nope this song won’t do for the American market. I really hope this is not her debut song.

    The music drowns her voice, bad lyrics and her voice sounds too childlike.

    Her accent is not too bad but she can talk all she wants with an accent, she just cannot sing with one.

    Even though I’m not feeling Se7en’s ‘Them Girls’ too much, its a way better song than this one.

  8. Hmm i think SM should go back to the drawing board and conduct more market research. As much as can all agree that BoA is an amazing singer ..this song is lack-lustre and wont do much for her debut. The MV is very boyband-ish (and would be if boa was a guy) which i dont think will help the song in any way.
    I wish BoA all the best ~ gluck ..she may need it. SM should focus on Boa’s singing talents rather than sexual innuendo.

  9. Don’t like it, not gonna happen.

  10. Now when I think of Boa, I’ll be reminded of oral sex because of this song D:

  11. lol many of you seem to have either an english problem or an ear problem.
    I can deffinetly hear the lyics to the song.
    The lyrics are clear unless you were thinking of something else…meaning… You know what? I’m gonna stop it there. You guys know what i’m talking about. Bastards.
    The song is great. But im guessing most of you are asian music fans.

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