Rain’s “Love Story” first teaser revealed

October 1, 2008 at 10:48 am | Posted in Music | 8 Comments

Starring Rain himself and Ha Ji Won, this marks the beginning of his embarkment within his new company, J.Tune Entertainment. So far I’m actually surprised to say that I’m liking it! What do you think of this concept for his comeback?



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  1. dramatic lol XD
    i like it~ looking forward to it, maybe he can win back love for himself with his music instead of his acting XD

  2. wow,
    complete turn-over for bi

    I was expecting the worst piece of crap ever
    but like you said, so far i like it

  3. I’m only watching this for Ha Ji Won. Other than that, I still don’t like Bi.


  4. Lols, maybe because I’m too new to the industry to be a fan of Rain. But I like his voice. It’s unique.
    As for the concept- it’s the first for me, so I don’t know about how the ‘fans’ feel about it, but it seems hot for me. xD!


  5. omg!!
    i’m not a huge rain fan but for some reason i can’t wait for this!!

  6. sounds nice!

    waiting for the whole song

  7. love love love it!!
    waiting for the full mv AND the album…gr…
    can’t wait anymore…

  8. not a fan of Rain, but it seems interesting so far! 😀

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