Girls’ Generation will comeback as “Factory Girls”

September 30, 2008 at 7:30 pm | Posted in Fashion, Television | 5 Comments

Girls’ Generation will make their comeback through October 8’s first broadcasting of Mnet’s reality program “Factory Girl.”

It will be a Korean real version of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada,” in which the teenage 9 member girls will be challenged by the editor of a trendy magazine. The fashion magazine “Elle Girl” editor along with Girls’ Generation will have an actual fashion show experience shown to the audience. It is also expected to entertain with a variety of fashion items shown.

Source: Newsen
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  1. Awesome! I’m excited for this.

  2. yeah me too!

    SNSD, fighting !!!!

    I love you all !!

  3. guh i am really excited over the girls’ comeback! :D:D SOSHI FIGHTING!<3

  4. their “resumes” look cute, and creative. tiffany’s almost entirely in english.

  5. ^ i agree!!
    their resumes are sooo cute!!!
    so excited (;

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