Wonder Girls Comeback, Black vs. Red

September 26, 2008 at 6:19 pm | Posted in Music | 14 Comments

Wonder Girls have begun promoting their 4th project, Nobody and yesterday they performed on KBS Music Bank. Interestingly they began with the Rainstone remix version of ‘Nobody’ dressed in a dreary black then switched to sizzling red for the title song. What do you think? Are you digging the retro look?

Watch their performance below.



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  1. mmm…boring.
    their vocals aren’t great and the dance moves……

  2. gahhh
    they were barely even singing >_<

  3. Well iuno, but I enjoyed the performance.
    ❤ I like the Rainstone Remix a lot- so the black, dreary, emotional/sad part in the beginning touched me.
    The dance moves are pretty nice, and I’m sure they were singing live. So overall it was a pretty perf. ^_^
    I wished the got equal cheers though, for each member…but that’s not something WG controls (shrugs)

  4. This is what’s hitting the charts as #1 in Korea?
    I was expecting more. Their vocals shall we say needs improvement.

  5. they need more liveliness in their voices they are so dead >.<

  6. Its a catchy song. I can’t say i follow them for their voices rather than their production value. The dance moves matched the type of music they were singing and all in all i think they followed rather nicely to “So Hot”. JYP keeps churning out these catchy tunes like crazy. Good times.

  7. The intro was rather boring. As for the actual song- they still aren’t the best singers, but it’s a big improvement from their ‘Tell me’ days (especially Sohee).

  8. people are getting overly critical about WG… i mean they’re not best vocalists… but y’know what their songs are damn catchy. how about trying to just enjoy the music?

  9. ^There’s better music out there for us to enjoy without having to listen to WG. And while we’re at it, WG themselves rated their comeback 30 out of 100. What’s the world without criticism and improvement as a result of it?

    As for the comeback… WG looks stunning. They look beautiful in their dresses (definitely better than the So Hot leopard print); the mature look really suits them well. I could go forever about how pretty Sunye looks.

    Vocally, however, it was pretty bad. The only reason why I didn’t close the window was because I wanted to see what the perf was like; that’s how bad the opening lines from Sun Mi and Sohee was (why is that girl even allowed to HOLD a mic?!) I hear they were better on Music Core though, so I’ll watch that before I say anything else.

  10. ^ exactly. if you don’t like them or think that they’re horrible. well nobody is forcing you to listen to their songs.

    what i meant by “overcritical” are people who just blatantly bash WG, only because one or two members are vocally weak….and are rude too (i’m not refering to you) hello, they’re a group afterall.

  11. that was a hot performence
    Nice Come Back Wonder Girls
    but i thinks So Hot was more…just more though haha

  12. they cant sing live ..if it wasn’t for the realli realli good dancing then this performance would have been completely crap.

  13. their dancing is so on-time wow

  14. it wasnt a bad comeback, it could of been better. Especially the beginning with the black dress, that was poor. So Hee and Sun Mi should get more voice training for that particular style of singing. Sun Ye and Ye Eun were great! and Yoo Bin killed as always XD

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