MBC vs SM Feud Over, TVXQ To Appear On MBC

September 26, 2008 at 2:54 pm | Posted in Music, Television | 4 Comments

MBC and SM Entertainment have dramatically reconciled. On the 26th at the MBC Dreamcenter in Ilsan, the PD of the show “Come To Play” revealed that the conflict between MBC and SM Entertainment is over and therefore Dong Bang Shin Gi will be appearing on Come To Play.

Because of the conflict, extreme measures were taken where SM Entertainment singers were prohibited from appearing or participating on any of the network’s programs. The PD stated, “The argument between MBC and SM was a result of a misunderstanding” and also, “SM cleared the misunderstanding and discussed Dong Bang Shin Gi’s appearance. And in the future, SM artists will be able to appear and perform on music programs.”

Futhermore, Dong Bang Shin Gi’s ‘Come To Play’ segment recording will take place on October 1st.

Source: Newsen
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  1. omg i cant believe still that there even WAS a fued. its so .. aish. but anyways, im just glad its over with and we can see the guys on every network now ^^

  2. The feud is finally over? YES. MOAR SUJU APPEARANCE PRZ.

  3. What happened anyways?
    I heard of this little thing before, but bah, if TVXQ isn’t on their channel, it’s their loss. xD

    jk. I’m glad the conflict got resolved and other and future SM artists can perform there. ^_^

  4. Hahahaha feud…

    Even though TVXQ is awesome, MBC just wants ratings.

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