Han Ga In & Kim Tae Hee Crowned The Most “Beautiful Faces”

September 26, 2008 at 1:09 am | Posted in Stars | 43 Comments
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Han Ga In and Kim Tae Hee were selected as women with the most beautiful facial features out of 20 ~ 40 women.

A recent questionnaire conducted by a Plastic Surgery Hospital in Seoul asked which entertainer had the most pretty face. Among the selections were Han Ye Seul, Im Soo Jung, and Jeon Ji Hyun but Han Ga In took first place with 30.3% votes and second place was taken by Kim Tae Hee who received 24.5% of the votes.

Funny results, what do you think?

Source: Review Star
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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  1. han ga in is so pretty ~__~

  2. SRSLY?! GA IN? DX
    no, and Kim Tae Hee is… alright :/

  3. Han Ga In is very pretty, but not Kim Tae Hee. I think Han Ye Seul should have been second, or maybe even first.

  4. ^duh? Kim Tae hee is the most beautiful

  5. kim tae hee

  6. i really really like you kim tae hee

  7. han ga in is beautiful, but kim tae hee most beautiful

  8. Han ga in and kim tae hee are both pretty.They’re pretty in different aspects.

  9. Only Kim Tae Hee is the beauty queen of the whole world. Even Hollywood stars cannot be rival her.

  10. In my eyes, the beauty of Kim Tae Hee is unique. No other Korean or Asian actresses are as pretty as Tae Hee.

  11. Although Han Ga In is pretty, she is like a doll. Anyhow, Tae Hee is “Queen of my Heart” .

  12. The only one Beauty Queen of Korea is ” Kim Tae Hee”.

  13. Kim Tae Hee > Han Ga In

  14. Me too.I think Tae Hee has unique natural beauty.

  15. han ga in of course…

  16. han ga in is prettier than kim tae hee

  17. i think they are both beautiful in their own way….a truly natural beauty!!!

  18. i’m sure that han ga in is the most beautiful woman in korea .she is a great actress i really lke her but i want to add something i’m crazy about her husband yun jung hoon he is amazing too.both of them are wonderful.i hope thay can live together and forever.

  19. HAN GA IN…very fresh & beautiful, u can never sick & tired of her face. She’s a good actress too… I like her husband too

  20. kim tae hee is way prettier!! than ha ga in aii she shoudlve been first

  21. I think kim tae hee should be in the first place co’z she’s tottaly alluring,she really had a natural beauty.though han ga in is beautiful but kim tae hee is more beautiful than her.

  22. kim tae hee is the most beautiful

  23. Well in my personal opinion Kim Tae Hee is beautiful or not beautiful, say their eyes are very atractive and not true for my Kim Tae Hee does not perform well and not beautiful.
    Instead Han Ga In is very beautiful, beautiful, beautiful ecetera and acts too well because not compare with Han Ga In Kim Tae Hee Han Ga In is definitely thousand times better than Kim Tae Hee and my truth I do not want to offend nobody but those who are fans of Kim Tae Hee are stupid she is the traisiona you tell me that I was a super fan of Kim Tae Hee and was disappointed with his explanations of a video and the clear truth of my life I was her fantaica and Han Ga In and now I am of Han Ga In and I’m realizing that it is not to come to love Kim Tae Hee if Han Ga In is a thousand times better than Kim Tae Hee

    Top Han Ga In.
    Tu Han Ga In my heart you own

  24. Bone only look at Han Ga In it is more beautiful than Kim Tae Hee

  25. han ga is more beautiful than kim tae hee

  26. kim ta hee is completly pretty,even her eyes,nose,mouth…..and han ga in i like only her nose .. i like kim ta hee’s eyes,cos her eyes are so nasty when she played in stairway to heaven… kim ta hee ,i love you

  27. kim ta hee is so popular in my country (cambodia) ,even my friends and my family are like kim ta hee in stairway to heaven….kim ta hee you rock!

  28. I like Kim Tae Hee very much.
    She is the most lovely girl in the world.

  29. hi!!! kim tae hee can you make a drama that will be show in the -philippines….

  30. HAN GA IN ALL THE WAY! She totally deserves it if the poll was on facial features. Eyes, HGI has round almond eyes whereas KTH in most pics, she has smiley eyes (which isn’t bad, but round is more beautiful). Then the nose. hands down, even KTH fans will admit HGI has an amazingly straight, high and pointed nose. Mouth, is from perspective, HGI has defined thin lips which i personally think is better than thick lips. so, The One and Only Beauty Queen of Korea : HAN GA IN!

  31. Kim Tae Hee is more beautiful

  32. for me kim tae hee is beautiful but han gain is the most beautiful korean actress for me
    i like themole of her nose….

  33. han ga in is most beautiful

  34. han gan is the most beautiful
    love her forever

  35. Kim Tae Hee is more beautiful than Han Ga In …!

  36. KIM TAE HEE SHOULD BE THE FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. KIM TAE HEE is VERY VERY VERY x100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000……..

  39. i like kim tae hee than han ga in! KIM TAE HEE SHOULD BE THE FIRST!!!!!!!!!

  40. Ga in? Seriously? I never find her beauty alluring at all. And i would pick Taehee’s nose over ga in’s straight,weird-looking nose, bahah!
    For me and for the half men in Korea, Theres noone to match Taehee’s stunning and enchanting beauty! She has a delicate face shape, gorgeous eyes, perfect nose, pouty lips, well-defined cheekbones and chin..in short, her face is perfect! Ga in may look like a doll but TAE HEE is a goddess!! Classy, pretty, elegant, charming, sexy and absolutely gorgeous!

  41. They are both beautiful.. But for me, Kim Tae Hee is a bit prettier than Ga In… 🙂

  42. Oh, for me, kim tae hee is most beautiful actress in korea. I like her movies dramas. her beautiful smile too.Her acting skill is so good. Whenever she doesn’t look like 30.

  43. personally i choose KIM TAE HEE !!!! i really think that han ga in is pretty woman but not enaugh to be at the same level of kim tae hee beauty !!! KTH IS JUST A GODDESS ND THE MOST BEAUTIIFUL ASIAN WOMAN IVE EVER SEEN !!

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