U.S. remake of ‘My Sassy Girl’ to open in Korean theaters

September 25, 2008 at 4:02 pm | Posted in Movies | 10 Comments

The Hollywood remake of the 2001 Korean box-office hit “My Sassy Girl” will open nationwide in Korea on Oct. 30, according to the film’s domestic distributor, Showbox.

Starring Jesse Bradford (“John Tucker Must Die”) and Elisha Cuthbert (“The Girl Next Door, 24”), the Yann Samuell-directed remake of the same name will be similar to the original, aside from the location and the female lead re-imagined as a wealthy socialite.

Set in New York, the movie tells the story of an everyman’s romantic involvement with an eccentric, free-spirited woman.

Source: The Korea Herald
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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Have you watched this remake yet? How does it compare to the original with Jeon Ji Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun?



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  1. UGH!!
    I hate American versions of Korean movies…
    it’s never as good as the Korean one…

  2. I saw the trailer on YouTube not long ago and my god, the American version is so terrible, it makes me kind of mad how badly it was butchered. :\

  3. Wth… I thought this was sent straight to DVD for one sole reason and that was so everyone could forget the horrible remake that it was.


  4. hahahah they really remade it? What this even in theaters in the US? I didnt see it anywhere hahahah. God they really shouldnt remake things bc it just totally kills.
    God my sassy girl was one of the first korean movies i ever saw! I hope they didnt distroy it!

  5. ^ they didn’t release the US version in theaters. it went straight to dvd.

  6. Wow.. why do I think that this is a brave move? Probably going to be a flop in my opinion. US version doesn’t compare to the K version…

  7. since i work at blockbuster… i decided what the heck
    i love the korean movie
    but my goodness it was quite bleh
    no wonder it went straight to DVD

  8. that bad, huh? =/
    guess i won’t watch it…
    was planning to check it out but meh.

  9. I saw the remake and it was pretty similar to the Korean version in the events that happen, but it’s the details they twist and I didn’t really like that. It was okay, but the Korean one is definitely better.

  10. If this American version didn’t make it to the US big screen, how do they think it will farce in Korea?

    Try to make any buck, I guess.

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