Super Junior’s Kang In makes shaky start in musical “Xanadu”

September 25, 2008 at 3:54 pm | Posted in Stars | 4 Comments
Super Juniors Kang In and Hee Chul are included in the cast of the musical Xanadu.

Super Junior's Kang In and Hee Chul are included in the cast of the musical "Xanadu."

Having well-known singers and actors on the theater stage is a formula for success in musicals and plays, but the trend has become so prevalent that it seems almost passe.

Still, public attention was generated when two members of the popular Korean boy band Super Junior – Kang-in and Hee-chul – decided to make their musical debut in “Xanadu,” sharing the lead role.

The show – a 1960s movie turned into a Broadway musical about a muse who comes to the human world and finds true love – seemed to be a perfect match for the pop idols.

Although Super Junior fans eagerly awaited the musical, there was a lingering doubt about whether the young stars could sing and act.

Prior to the show’s opening, the two pop idols seemed determined to showcase their talent for musical acting. They even said that they would rehearse far more than required to disprove the claim that they got the roles because of their boy-band success.

In last Tuesday’s performance, in which Kang-in played the main character Sonny, he succeeded in drawing his fans to the theater. A number of doe-eyed teenage girls could be seen gazing at their idol.

Kang-in made a strong presence on the stage with his cute appearance and trademark smile, to wild response from his fans. But he did not seem fully prepared for the show, which required a combination of singing, acting and roller skating. In most scenes, the main characters are on roller skates, due to the show’s unusual setting.

Kang-in’s singing and acting was far from professional, falling short of the level you would expect, and he gave the impression that he was not comfortable with his performance.

Kang-in was also shaky when skating – at one point he tripped and almost wiped out, prompting chuckles from the audience.

Kang-in’s less-than-impressive performance raised questions about the musical industry’s preference for high-profile entertainers from other fields, even if their presence does help ticket sales.

Meanwhile, the “Panadu” seats – where people could watch the show up close to the actors, who would occasionally come and play with them – were a refreshing experiment as audiences seated in the special section enjoyed interacting with actors.

“Xanadu” will run through Nov. 23 at Doosan Art Center in Yeonji-dong, northern Seoul. For further information, call (02) 745-5570.

Source: The Korea Herald
Picture Source: Newsen
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  1. Hmm…well no one has said anything about Heechul so far so I’m assuming he’s better than Kangin?

  2. Argh, I was afraid Kangin would have a hard time. ^^; In their reality show (the one that followed them around while they prepared for the musical) Kangin was really clumsy and fell down almost every time he was in skates (in every episode!).

    It’s a shame because, vocally, he’s much stronger than Heechul (and better suited to a musical imo). I hope he pulls himself together and puts on a good performance.

    Heechul’s skating on the other hand improved very quickly, and he had no problems with the script (because of all he past works in dramas I suppose) so he should be okay. His voice cracking is the only thing I worry about. lol

  3. Aw Youngwoon oppa~ ♥

    According to a recent fan account though, he improved and did much better this time~

    Kangin oppa fighting! Saranghaeyo! ♥

  4. heechul plays the part of sonny. i can’t seem to understand this article. it’s all mixed up.

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