Joo Ji Hoon Big Screen Debut, ‘Antique’ Poster revealed!

September 24, 2008 at 2:34 am | Posted in Movies | 12 Comments
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The poster for Joo Ji Hoon’s debut movie ‘Western Antique Bakery (서양골동양과자점 앤티크)’ (Short form: Antique) was made public.

‘4 Men In One Present’ is the concept of the first poster where men taking the place of cake are placed in a box and wrapped up with a ribbon. The second poster’s concept is ‘Sweet Men; 4 men 4 colors’ where each of the individual heroes are holding a tasty cake in their own charming way. Tempting women with sweet cakes and 4 charming men, the poster is meant to portray a comical and sexy image.

Joo Ji Hoon (Princess Hours, The Devil) will play the part of the bakery owner, Kim Jae Wook (Coffee Prince) will play the part of a genius pâtissier, young actor Yoo Ah In will play a boxing champion turned apprentice, Choi Ji Ho will portray a trouble making bodyguard, and they all come together to run the cake shop, ‘Antique.’ The movie is set to open in theaters on November 13.

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  1. Could not recognize Joo Ji Hoon at all.
    Yoo Ah In was quite good in Strongest Chil Woo.

    Not sure if I like the concept of this movie but will check it out.

  2. if i remember correctly, there’s a dorama in japan called “Antique” that has a similar storyline as this one. Takizawa Hideaki plays the leading role. u can check it here:

  3. this is so reminiscent of the BL manga called “antique bakery”

    Yea I’d watch it LOL.

  4. im so gonna watch this when its out XD
    JJH ❤

  5. This was one of my favourite Japanese dramas! Hope the movie does it justice. The poster looks cool, and I like Joo Ji Hoon haha~ looking forward to it!!

  6. I gotta tell my sister this… she loves the two guys from Coffee Prince!


  7. I mean the one guy with long hair xD


  8. 8D Kim Jae Wook!!

  9. I can hardly recognize Joo Ji Hoon!! But still…looking forward to this! 🙂

  10. mmm…
    I wanna watch this when it comes out ❤ XD

  11. luv Joo Ji Hoon, cant wait to see it…want to watch ALL his movies/dramas

  12. Joo Ji Hoon poster. how can i buy one and have it shipped here in california, usa ?

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