Super Junior Delights At Peace Concert

September 23, 2008 at 6:07 am | Posted in Events, Music | 8 Comments

On the Evening of the 23rd at Seoul Olympic Park Stadium, the Academic Credit Bank System celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary with a concert titled, “2008 Hope Festival”

Guests included Park Sung Ho, Lee Kwang Gi, Nam Jang Mi, Super Junior Happy and BMK.

Source: Newsen
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There’s been controversy over Shin Dong lying about his weight loss recently but doesn’t he look thin in the image above? (He’s in the black stripes). Just compare him to the other boys!



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  1. i still prefer shindong with the cubby image!!! cuter!!!

  2. I liked him chubby, it didn’t bother me, I was worried about that he might have overweight, that’s not good. But he lukes cute like this as well xD Almost handsome ^^,

  3. dont people know that horizontal stripes make you look fatter? D8

    I actually am one of the poeple who didnt mind him being cubby, its what made him stand out i suppose lol
    but he wanted to lose weight and i hope he does his best with that, he looks great!

    i can say one thing i dont like and thats his hair. WTH XD
    it just looks so odd!

  4. You are right. Asian fanatics makes up all type of stories and rumors. e.g. Kibum leaving SuJu.

  5. I don’t know why people think he would be lying. ^^; He did take selca’s that made him seem smaller than he really is (because of the camera angle/lighting), but he’s still lost quite a bit of weight.

    All they have to do is compare early Super Junior – Happy performances pictures to recent ones, he’s clearly lost a LOT. 😛

  6. I don’t think he was lying hahahaha he is cute no matter what! ^^

  7. yaa,,I like him with chubby face,,it’s so cute,,i heard shin dong’s want to be more health and more fresh-looking,, but now he still cute anyway,,hhehhe,,
    kibum was not leaving suju, was he??
    super junior,,hwaiting

  8. yo ive puted this in my own blog to..:D

    gee.. well i dunno .. but from my point of view..
    he’s kinda slimmer than he use to0.. 😀

    but i likee him n his older lo0ks much cuter.. xDD!!

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