M – Don’t Trust Men Music Video Released

September 23, 2008 at 8:27 am | Posted in Releases | 5 Comments
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Minwoo’s new music video released today. What do you think? There’s been comments about the track not being his usual style …but in my opinion, his sound is sinfully sweet.



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  1. happy birthday :]]!!

  2. ^ oh, thank you so much! ^^

  3. i dont think people give him enough credit if they say that. He should always try to be doing something different, its what sells. If you had someone packaging the same music over and over again its gets boring.
    I really like this, the style is great. I’m sure his album is gonna be great too.

  4. i love it…. the whole dance in the street towards the end was really cool…

  5. I really like his new song! It is so nice to listen too. Hahahah I don’t understand when people get mad when artists do something different. Who wants to listen to the same old thing over and over hahahah Change is good. ^^
    Love the mv too. Hahahaha nothing like a nice car and dancing in water to make a good music video! hahaha

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