JYP’s Liu Xin’s “Color” Song

September 23, 2008 at 10:31 pm | Posted in Music | 4 Comments
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The song “颜色 (옌써)” (Color) for new JYP Chinese artist Liu Xin has been released through a digital single format. Personally, I think JYP’s trademark sound is evident and it is a nice song in general, but doesn’t really show off her voice if that’s what JYP is going for.



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  1. yeah it’s a nice song and all but very generic..
    I don’t think I’d listen to it twice =/

  2. hmmm, does this sample from another song… because i think i’ve heard the intro part before.

    hmm, well maybe she’ll be hit?

  3. I think the song is nice, but it doesn’t suit her voice….
    I expected more from her and I know she can, but this isn’t the right song…
    I don’t think it will get too popular unless it is featured in a drama.
    Soo good luck to JYP’s PRing skills.

    Somehow I can imagine JOO singing this song in Korean…

  4. Mm, I listened to it.
    It’s nice. Maybe not the most unique song, but it’s got a nice feeling to it, and makes me feel relaxed?
    🙂 I look forward to her other songs, that hopefully will showcase her better. (Nods)
    Thanks for updating us, Seoulfull~! ❤

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