TVXQ 4th Album Mirotic “300, 000 Preorders!!!”

September 22, 2008 at 6:14 am | Posted in Music | 9 Comments

Dong Bang Shin Gi’s 4th album that is set to release on the 24th has exceeded 300, 000 preorders. The record was formly held by Seo Taiji in 2004 for his first album, it’s a remarkable result when you consider the fact that 190, 000 was the highest number of albums sold last year.

Making their comeback after a year and 7 months later, they are receiving much attention due to the volume of sales. Album ordering sites were so heavily congested with traffic when their album was available for preorder. This is possibly the most excellent way to start off 4th album activities.

Also, Dong Bang Shin Gi’s 3rd album, ‘O’ – Thesis.Antithesis.Synthesis claimed the best selling album of 2006 with 349,317 albums sold.

Furthermore, 25,000 spectators attended Dong Bang Shin Gi’s mini concert in Seoul on the 21st.

Source: Review Star
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  1. Oh my, that’s hotl! I hope the sales trend continues! Thank you for the translation!

  2. DBSK Hwaiting!!! Break your record and set another one like in Japan! You can do it!
    And thanks for the translation.

  3. hope it’ll continue to grow in numbers so it can beat o jung.ban.hap.! i feel like i should go and preorder it too!

    preordering on yesasia will count towards the sales charts!!

  4. I’m so proud of DBSK. This is awesome. 😀

  5. I love their new look *.*

  6. I am so, so, so proud of our boys. ❤ I hope (and do not doubt) that their comeback will be an incredibly successful one.

  7. Ahahahahaha yes I am proud to say I AM ONE OF THE PRE-ORDERS…MUAHAHAHA
    I hope the number will grow ^^

  8. hi,thnx 4 de update,r sharing dis w frends..thnx 😀

  9. Just wondering, does anyone know how much number of preorders the previously record holder had?

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