Tae Yeon, ‘Can You Hear Me…’ First Performance

September 22, 2008 at 2:33 am | Posted in Music | 7 Comments

Girl’s Generation member Tae Yeon begins promotion of her special song, ‘Can You Hear Me.’

The topic of conversation on the broadcast of MBC radio program Kang In, Tae Yeon’s Best Friend on the 22nd is the song ‘Can You Hear Me’ from the MBC drama, Beethoven Virus. Tae Yeon will begin promotion of the song by performing it during the broadcast.

Tae Yeon’s representative stated, “This is the first broadcast of Tae Yeon singing ‘Can You Hear Me…’ that will be open to the public,” adding that “Tae Yeon is ready as ever for the first broadcast to the public.”

Meanwhile, the song has been gaining popularity because of frequent plays on the drama. The song is fighting alongside Big Bang and Brown Eyed Girls for the number one spot on music charts.

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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  1. Yay~ Go Taeng ❤ T__^
    I really like the song, it touches me…
    It makes me want to watch the drama…silly right? But she did the same thing with ‘If…’ (I actually watched Hong Gil Dong because the OST ‘If…’ was so beautiful to me…)
    :3 Good luck at the charts, Kim Taeyeon! Hwaiting!

  2. I love the song! I can’t wait to see her perform it on stage or other places.


  3. i heard her singing this on chinchin, it was perfect. at first i thought it was the mp3 but then i heard the echo and was like oh its live~ she’s so amazing ❤
    i hope she can perform it on stage sometime~

  4. hi Tae Yeon! i am a filipina but i like you

  5. She really has a great voice!
 Luv tae yeon! Imma more like this song than mannyage..hehe..

  6. i love the song.. she sing it just like from her heart..
    go taeng..!!! 🙂 we support you.

    we’re nothing without 9.

  7. Tae yon has great vocal.GO Tae n dont think about other people hate you.

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