Solbi Participates In AWESOME’s Debut

September 20, 2008 at 2:57 am | Posted in Music | 6 Comments

Solbi will narrate in the title track, “Please” from the upcoming debut single album of singer AWESOME (어썸).

AWESOME’s title track “Please” is written by Kim Won who’s written hit songs for Chae Yeon, JK Kim Dong Wook, and The Nuts. The album producer was listening in while Solbi recorded the narration, and during the process kept praising Solbi stating that her “voice is very charming.”

AWESOME’s debut album, ‘One Color..’ is planned for release on the 25th.

Source: Review Star
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  1. 어썸 must have a ton of self confidence to call himself that. ^ㅂ^

  2. Oh, a new artist! I hope he’s good! 😀
    Some fresh talent would be so nice.

    I love Solbi, so I must listen to his album (totally logical~~).
    He kind of looks like Jay Chou in that picture…or maybe it’s just me? o.o;

    Anyway, I hope he does well! I’m kind of worried though, because so many Korean idol groups are having “come backs” this month & in early October. @_@;

  3. I do hope he has strong vocals and yes i do agree with you Kagu, he looks VERY much like Jay Chou. When i first saw this pic of him i was like, Gosh, that looks like JC!

  4. Ohhh can’t wait for him to debut!
    Must be talented to call himself, “Awesome”!

  5. His NAME is awesome? I hope he’s really made out of awesome.

  6. i totally thought he looked like Jay Chou… O_O;; must be the lack of late ==;;;;

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