SEOULFULL hits BOTD again!

September 19, 2008 at 7:51 pm | Posted in Seoulfull | 19 Comments

Wow, SEOULFULL has made it to the Blogs of the Day again, this time at #50! It’s incredible! Thanks so much, everyone, for visiting and giving us your support. However we can’t help but notice so many hits and so little comments? 😦 Even though our posts are not snarky (or may not even be that funny XD), it still takes time and work to keep this blog alive. Please give us your input to keep us going! We would appreciate it so much.

(Nat & Vanessa)



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  1. love you guys ❤

  2. i actually used only 1 website from livejournal for news til i found you guys on google.. using only u guys now, appreciate what you do 🙂 ty

  3. i should comment more often than lol, because i like how there aren’t any bitchy remarks like other entertainment news blogs give.

  4. I really like that this site just gives news with a neutral viewpoint. The lack of ‘snarky commentary’ is one of the main reasons why I like all the posts so much. ♥

  5. I like that you guys give actual news! The other sites are pretty gossip-y! I didn’t even know about the Brown Eyed Girls and SeeYa’s comebacks until I came here! And those two are one of my favorite groups!

  6. Please don’t start adding snark! I love this site 🙂

  7. Yes be different! Snarkiness is sooooooo overrated anyways hehe.

    Yeah, I’m one of the many silent lurkers around but I do appreciate the effort. I’m a subscriber 🙂

  8. Better give straight facts that random comment. Anyway keep on going. At least give highlight to singers that don’t have enough cover by media.

  9. you’re doing a great job! i’m checking your site almost every day now 🙂 keep it up!

  10. You guys are super fast with updates and you give straight facts!
    I’m sure with time, people will start to comment more. XD

  11. If possible, throw in more pics when posting an article.
    The Blog That Shall Not Be Named attracts shitload of comments because of the pics, snark is just an added bonus. People comment and respond to the pics first, news later. Think ONTD.

  12. YAY!!!
    I check on this blog everyday and there are always posts!
    You guys rock major socks!!
    Keep it up please!
    And I will keep on commenting!

  13. i love this blog because it’s good.
    no mean things or bashing, just news about kpop. i love it, please dont ever turn into a bashing hateful blog.

  14. the snarkiness just taints away so please don’t add XD
    enjoy what you guys do immensely~

  15. I hope you guys don’t get discouraged with the low count of replies. After all, this site is not even a month old! Your expectations for the site will not materialize just like that. Just keep on doing what you guys do. My take on this, if you love what you do, no matter how small or irrelevant the “return of investment” is, that will not matter because YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO.

  16. congrats!! i love how clear cut the news are… just when i need news NOT sarcasm… i suggest tho that u modify the layout…. the grey n brown isnt too appealing….

  17. Congrats on making it onto the list. 😀

  18. found this blog thru coolsmurf & I’m amazed by the sheer amount of output… That’s a lot of hard wrk so thank you & Good job done, u guys!

  19. ^ thanks so much to everyone! :] we enjoy reading comments from our readers, and appreciate your support.

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