SEOULPOLL: The battle of the year!

September 18, 2008 at 8:05 pm | Posted in Polls | 10 Comments
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Whose comeback are you anticipating?



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  1. That poll is…so unfair. I support all of them (well, except Wonder Girls, SeeYa and SNSD because I don’t really listen to girl bands). TT-TT You should allow one button for “practically all of them, omg my poor bank account” or something like that for us fans who don’t obsess over one fandom only, lol.

  2. In my opinion Big Bang should not be included in this. As far as I know , they are coming out with an album in Japan. If they release anything in Korea it probably won’t be until later on. Unless this was meant for later on.

    I’m a Big Bang fan so I voted for them anyway. 😀 I don’t listen to any of the other groups.

  3. This poll came just right I came out from the DongBang aftermath, what do you think it will be? 8D

  4. Um. I vote for Minwoo ^^

  5. I vote in TVXQ, of course!!!!
    The Gods Of the East Back, babie!!! 8DDDD

  6. Dont Forget MinWoo XD.
    Big Bang ❤
    DBSK ❤
    SS501 ❤

    i cant choose x.x

  7. … all of them but seeya, because i’ve never listened to them :D;;;;;

  8. TVXQ! for sure. Their preordered albums sales alone can kill any of them lol

    I’m gonna support all of them :3 Especially Wonder Girls! next to TVXQ! of course haha.

    SeeYa is not bad either. I think they can make it to the top 🙂 And SS501 improved ALOT! CATREL FTW! 😀

  9. u should have separate boys and girls group >_<
    anyway i voted for wonder girls…..
    dbsk doesn’t need my vote cuz they’ll win anyway lol
    but i love the wonder girls woo hooo

  10. i love WGs.
    wonder girls jjang.!!
    that’s so unfair, whose girl group would win(maybe WG, cause they are really popular these days all over the world)but DBSK and big bang??
    CASSIEs are too scary(no offense)

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