Lee Minwoo is “RIZING” with a comeback too!

September 18, 2008 at 6:40 pm | Posted in Music | 8 Comments

Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo is supposedly releasing his 4th album on September 23, joining the massive number of KPop stars who are making their comebacks. No other news is available at this time, but keep checking back here at SEOULFULL for more details! We’ll keep you updated.

For now, here is the tracklisting:

01 . I’m Here
02 . 남자를 믿지마-Feat. BigTone
03 . I “M” U-Feat. MightyMouth
04 . 용서해
05 . Hot!-Feat. 손담비 (Son Dam Bi)
06 . 멋진 인생
07 . 가면 무도회-Feat. Big Tone
08 . 윙크 쇼
09 . Honey 꼬시기-Feat. 유빈(Wonder Girls) (YooBin)
10 . Sad Song
11 . 반한 Girl
12 . 나의 여백(M’s Epilogue)



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  1. I’m SO excited about this album. It looks fantastic *_*

  2. ^ i just wish there was more info available! D:

  3. ^ I know, it’s really strange! I was just looking for articles and the only thing that has any info on the album is the little “album info” that’s usually available o_o

  4. Already pre-ordered mine! I remember reading more info about his album somewhere and Minwoo participated a lot in this album, composing and writing some of the songs =). I wished the date isn’t 23 Sept, though, ‘cos I’m afraid that he’ll be overshadowed by.. DBSK’s comeback. I mean, I love both of them but DBSK kinda overshadows everyone else, huh?

  5. i am soooo excited for M’s comeback… i think for me i am anticipating this more just because this might be his last solo album before enlisting…. while DBSK’s — well, they’ll still be around….

  6. OMG BIG TONE FROM IM!? And Yoobin?! Oh my gosh, so many releases, so exciting >3

    This came as a surprise, too many comebacks to take note of~ Thanks for the info!

  7. omg yoobin will be featured? thats great!
    ill be waiting for his comeback now heh

  8. woooh ! yoobin to ft. in one of his songs.
    cant wait to hear it !

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