Son Dambi ‘Crazy’ teaser video released

September 17, 2008 at 12:33 am | Posted in Music | 5 Comments

Son Dambi released a teaser video of her title track, “Crazy” from her upcoming second mini album.

“Crazy” which features Shinhwa’s Eric and is composed by the Brave Brothers is a dance style number with a medium tempo paired with sad lyrics.

Usually Son Dambi hides her new look but this time she reveals it early on with her video teaser that has become the number one interest among netizens who after seeing her new image state, “I didn’t know that was Son Dambi,” and “She’s the sexiest.”

Son Dambi’s sexy new song will be released online on the 18th. Watch her teaser below.

Source: Joy News
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  1. Man, you guys move fast. Do you have someone stationed at Naver 24/7 or something?? ^^

  2. lol I’m on a roll xD I’m (Nat) trying to post as much as I can before I get really busy this week ^^

    If you have any articles you want translated let me know!

  3. ^ LOL
    And *woot* I cant wait for this one then ^^ Eric~~

  4. Not a really good teaser and is she gaining weight in her face? She is starting to look like Solbi, poor girl…

  5. hmmm, ill listen just for Eric’s contribution…. the only other song i’ve heard is her Bad Boy… and only cuz someone remixed it with BB’s Last Farewell…

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