Girl’s Generation Fall Transformation

September 16, 2008 at 9:21 pm | Posted in Fashion, Stars | 10 Comments

Girl’s Generation change into the girls of Fall.

Girl’s Generation who are models for the clothing brand, ELLESSE recently had a photo shoot for the Fall/Winter collection which is being promoted to the public through cell phones.

In the images the Girls’ illustrated the outdoorsy look with jumpers, baggy pants and beanies. ELLESSE continues their “Ninebow friends” theme from the summer collection where they had livelier colors. Now the Fall colors are purple, black, orange and violet.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation is wrapping up album work so they can continue with their comeback in October.

Source: Newsen
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  1. YoSooRi in one picture ❤

    The girls look great. the BTS photoshoot video was so cute.


  2. They should stop making Yoona the center of attention… there are other members in the group too…

  3. I think that’s just their “pose” for photoshoots, interviews, etc. etc. Every group has a line-up that works for them and they generally stick to it. So I don’t find her being the center of attention at all. Every girl has a unique charm that stands out.

  4. Yup….they all have their own charm….
    Pity them 4 getting banned on Shanghai SMTOWN concert….
    I’m tvxq’s fans 2 but i don’t hate them…..
    n i’m 1 of their fan…..
    Coz there r rumour about girls generation’s anti-fans r tvxq fans!!!!!
    It’s not true!!!!!
    So anti fans, stop spreading this rumour!!!!!

  5. so bad to hear .. does any one know that Yoona going not to be the leader of SNSD soon ?? 😦

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  6. hi

  7. hi girls generation sooyeon sak

  8. u guys look great and OVER!!! i like and hate.. hope u guys have such a great time!! 🙂

  9. i love sunny

  10. I love girls generation

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