SEOULMORE: A Closer Look at BoA’s U.S. Debut

September 15, 2008 at 12:06 am | Posted in Music | 7 Comments

With all the excitement (or dismay, depending) about BoA’s U.S. debut, SEOULFULL dug around for more information and videos to let everyone fully know how her progression has been going.

The following is an extension of her press conference held on September 10, and in the full article you can watch exclusive behind the scenes footage of BoA recording her first U.S. single “Eat You Up” and filming the music video with U.S. director Diane Martel.

BoA is undoubtedly one of Lee Soo Man's most successful artists. "If BoA wasn't here, there would be no SM... It is time for Asia's best to be the world's best," he says of her.

SM Is Nothing Without BoA.
Lee Soo Man said, “If BoA wasn’t here, there would be no SM. Also I wouldn’t be a producer. Like a father and producer, it is like a dream to have met your daughter. Once, I sent BoA to New York for a vacation and during that time she took singing and dancing lessons. The SM family only works harder because of how hard BoA works. I want to thank BoA who said she wanted to debut in the U.S. with me without any conditions.”

One reporter said, “BoA is the third person after Rain and Se7en to advance to the U.S. It seems that you were fairly cautious.” Lee Soo Man replied, “We officially went into mainstream, knowing we would go up against the big stars in the U.S.; that is why we are being very careful. BoA’s biggest issue with debuting in the U.S. is her English. Even though she uses English regularly, I wasn’t positive if she understood the customs and culture. I waited for BoA’s English and musical abilities to mature. We announced her debut after the Beijing Olympics because the masses of Americans would see Asia in a new light. It is time for Asia’s best to be the world’s best.”

Endless Amounts of Praise
Flii Styiz praised BoA saying, “BoA’s talents excel. I’m convinced that she will be a hot icon in the U.S. with fantastic choreography. I want to thank Lee Soo Man for letting me work with BoA. The time we spent together while working was amazing. If I were to express BoA in one word, it would be that she’s an innovator. She has an exceptional ability to learn dances and read body language to make everything her own. Rather than saying she’s at some level, she’s like a canvas. No matter what you draw, she has this amazing natural ability to make things fit accordingly. She has talent that other stars her age don’t have and that is why, as a choreographer, it was a challenge to work with her. BoA is also one of the most sincere artists. I believe she will have honorable success in America.”

Max Gousse said, “When I first met BoA, she had this overwhelming amount of charisma. The most surprising thing was that she has perfect English. BoA’s strength and advantage is that she is able to work with a great attitude and have values of her own. Among all the artists I’ve seen, I think that BoA is one of the best dancing singers.”

Music video director, Cha Eun Taek said, “We filmed in Korea, America and Japan. We mixed a bit of each country’s culture and so the music video turned out well. I wanted to direct BoA showing her powerful strengths in the existing cultures. She will succeed because she has good music, choreography, and staff.”

Surprise Guest
Comedian and actress, Lee Young Ja, attended the press conference as a reporter for a show on TVN called ‘180 Minutes‘. It was a surprise to everyone that she made an appearance because up until then she was at Jung Sun Hee’s side consoling her. Her husband, Ahn Jung Hwan, had passed away recently. Lee Young Ja stated, “BoA has passion. I only wish you success in the United States.” Then as a reporter she asked, “It is possible to get homesick while you are active in the U.S. Are you prepared for it?” BoA replied, “I’ve lived away from home since I was 14 so I’m used to it but I can be very lonely. I want to make a lot of good friends in America soon.”

BoA’s Confessions
When asked about her feelings towards the debut, BoA replied, “The talk about debuting in the U.S. has been going around for two to three years. Actually, it was really hard to hide while preparing for this debut. People around me would ask why I wasn’t releasing an album and it was frustrating not being able to tell them that I was in the midst of making one. It finally sunk in that I’m going to America as I am in front of you all doing this press conference. When I went to Japan it was done quietly. One of the differences between then and now is that I’m able to hold a press conference. Above all things, I want to go back to being a beginner and show you that I’m doing my best.”

Another reporter asked where she would like to perform since they announced she might be doing a tour in the U.S., BoA replied, “I really want to go to Las Vegas and perform live. I went to one of Celine Dion’s performances and I was moved and inspired. It really made me think about wanting to perform on a stage like that.”

“Also I’m very happy to have met such great choreographers who can give me great choreography. So far I haven’t been able to show you many hip hop elements when I actually specialized in hip hop. I’m very pleased knowing that I’ll be able to show you some hip hop. When I was learning the dances and songs, I felt like a fish that met water. Is it not my job to show you a variety of music and dances?” BoA said, confidently.

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News/Image Source: starnews, asiaeconomy, newsen

BoA recording “Eat You Up” in Thailand

BoA practicing and filming for “Eat You Up” music video



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  2. Maaaaan, I really hope she succeeds over here. Because I absolutely adore her and want more people to listen to her, but also for the fringe benefits liiiike going into a local store and maybe picking up a CD by her, or going to see her in concert! I’m rooting yay =D

    (ALSO, she dances awesomely. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that before o_o)

  3. Gahh when seeing unnie I always have mixed emotions.
    So proud that I feel like crying, worried, because she looks so tired and someties lonely, happy, because she can stay herself, jelous, because she has the chance to be in her feet. Her English improvement is amazin, her pronouncing is so much better.

    Seeing her pregress to the States, we can only watch and follow her and cheer for her.
    She won’t be an instant HIT, but she will be in time.
    I think the same will be as in Japan, but maybe not THAT popular.

  4. I think she’ll be alright, but I don’t think she can truly make a dent in the US market. It’s notoriously hard for non-native singers to succeed in the US with a few notable exceptions (99 luft baloons anyone?) but of course I wish her the best. While I don’t find the new song all that enticing, some might. Good luck BoA!

  5. Okay this seriously angers me…
    BoA is great but not Asia’s best…
    And she’s not gonna be the world’s best…
    It just angers me…she pops outta nowhere and claims to be the best…
    I hope she fails..

  6. cindy–rox: what an attitude~

    i’m not a big fan of her voice, but i do hope she does well in the states. god knows the girl deserves this chance.

  7. cindy-rox: SHE didn’t claim to be the best, wtf. Please read the article properly before you get angry over nothing. Lee Soo Man said she’s Asia’s best, and frankly, she IS one of the biggest names in Asian music. Many people overseas have at least heard of BoA, particularly due to her success in Japan.

    I wish BoA all the success in America, and hope she makes a name for Asian music and show them that there’s a lot of talent in Asian ent as well.

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