Se7en end of the year American album debut

September 15, 2008 at 8:55 pm | Posted in Music | 9 Comments

Singer Se7en will be finally releasing his 12 track English album in the American Market this year.

Se7en’s global site, his Official MySpace as well as his Korean homepage recently announced the release of this 12 track album.

It was also announced that singer and songwriter Rich Harrison, Noizetrip and 1TYM’s Teddy all helped produce this new album. Also, American singers, Three 6 Mafia, Lil’ Kim, The Far*East Movement are being featured in the upcoming release.

With the announcement of this American release, Se7en is planning an American as well as World Tour.

Se7en is currently residing in the United States working on the album and his language education. Se7en continues to diligently work on his American debut after holding a showcase and press interview for his debut, and then the opening of his Hollywood Nightclub in 2007.

Source: Newsen
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  1. Ir’s about time. Gosh. I am curious as to how he will fare here. I don’t listen to him that much but I am awaiting his American incarnation as well as BoA’s debut and the responce she receives. As for this site, “Kipeyatem duin na duyatem da!” Keep doing what you do. I appreciate the new site. Ci!

  2. World tour <333333

  3. I hope he doesn’t back out again. I think it’s okay for BoA to back out on a release date once because she just released her news of debuting… but Se7en’s faked us out too many times and it’s frustrating. YG Ent really messed up.

    And if American doesn’t work, that’s too bad because he’s took a long hiatus from Korea and Japan. hope that doesn’t hurt him…


  4. @sLaVe: eh, krn articles just jacked info from his ms. i think reporters are making a bigger deal out of it b/c his team didn’t really make an official statement about this (like an interview).

    but yeah i know what u mean about the delays.. at least they’ll be more prepared..

  5. it’s rly weird… now that i think about it.. 90% of the time, krn articles have been reporting rumors/estimates on se7en’s debut rather the actual team itself. wtf, how stupid. i think they need better qualified writers.

  6. ^ I know ..and they churn out billions of useless articles everyday too. It’s really frustrating. That’s why in some ways newspapers are ten times better …

  7. i cant wait until he comes to American debut!!!!!!!!! Se7en you got black , spanish fans, white, asian fans waiting for you!!!!!!! Baby i gotta ur back !!!!!!! Se7en fighting!!!!!!!!!!

    i wanna hear him on the radio EVERY single Freakin day!
    AHH I LOVE U SE7en!

  9. BoA is getting around, i saw her song playing on a T.V. screen at macy’s.
    when is se7en’s cd finally coming out?

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