Female Idol Group Rivals: Girls’ Generation VS Wonder Girls in October

September 15, 2008 at 10:14 pm | Posted in Music | 9 Comments
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Which are you looking forward to more?

Which are you looking forward to more?

Idol groups Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls will be two major forces this October.

Wonder Girls has announced a new mini album by the end of September. This comes 4 months after their last mini album “So Hot” in May. The announcement of the countdown on their homepage has drawn interest. An agent said, “This fall they will have a new song,” and “It’s expected to be in a mini album format.”

Girls’ Generation is expected to break their long silence with a comeback as well. An official said, “They will come out with a new album in October,” as they hinted at Girls’ Generation’s comeback.

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  1. I never believe that there will be a friendship between these two. They try to sugar coat it when they are asked. But there’s no way they couldn’t be friends NOW when KARA is friends with boy groups and they were absent from the music scene for a little while.

    So aha WG and SNSD! Either way can’t wait for the come backs ^^;;;;


  2. I’m rooting the Wonder Girls! 🙂
    Honestly, I think WG are more popular. But maybe its just me. :p

  3. I like both of the bands too.
    But i like SNSD more,so i will support snsd.
    SNSD keep fighting.

  4. wow I meant “Friends with both groups” not “boy groups” XD


  5. in terms of album sales SNSD pawns WG in that category anyways this is not based on who has the most fans when you can’t sell more CD than your counter part female group is but that’s just me >.< i’m not siding SNSD on this but as far as i know WG hasn’t sold 100,000 copies yet even they have the most catchiest songs ever

  6. I love both groups because they are different and unique. I can’t wait for both of the groups comebacks. However, I support SNSD more. ^_^

  7. i like both groups. I can’t choose.haha.

    they are featured all around the world.
    which continent is next??
    wonder girls more.
    And yeah i agree SNSD sold more album cause they’re album are like photo album and their album are more cheap than WGs.
    Why do you need the album when there’s limewire out there. lol

  9. one way of supporting your favorite girlbands is buying their albums.. it can really help them.. honestly they are not just entertainers.. they work so that the company can get allot of money and to get money they have to sell alot of albums too..

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