Emerging idol groups, “We’re number one!”

September 15, 2008 at 11:48 pm | Posted in Music | 13 Comments
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SHINee, 2AM, U-KISS, 2PM (From Top left, clockwise)

With the second half of 2008 much attention has been on the great number of idol groups emerging.

SHINee=Dance, Singing, and Fashion
SHINee received a lot of attention when designer clothes was combined with their fashion to aid them with their dance and singing. “Aside from the standard dancing and singing SHINee receives much attention because of their fashion because of the help of designer Ha Sang Baek,” said a SHINee representative. SHINee’s music video “You’re Like Oxygen” from their recent first album features intensely colorful clothes describing that SHINee not only represents singing and dancing but fashion also.

2AM=Not dance but ballad winner
A 2AM representative stated, “2AM is not superior when it comes to dance, but they are different because they are victorious when it comes to ballads.”

2AM originally were being trained as dancers but after being recognized with powerful voices the image of the group was changed. A representative revealed that even though the members including Jo Kwon are shy they still maintain a very fierce artistic contenence.

U-KISS=7 country proficient multi-national group
U-KISS takes a different strategy and emerges as a multi-national group. A U-KISS representative states, “U-KISS’ members know a range of languages with a total of 7 languages” and “In the time of global competition, U-KISS not only plans to perform in Korea but plan to take the stage overseas as well.”

2PM=Magnificent performers
2PM’s concept is a “performance boyband,” where they feature their gorgeous performances. With 2PM’s dance you are shown their exquisite skills such as acrobatics and B-Boying paired with Korean music.

“2PM not only contains beautiful performances and love songs, but smart contents accompanied with unique accessories, and their masculine features are sure to be a hit,” stated a representative.

Source: Star News
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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  1. I’ve had U-Kiss’ song stuck in my head for two days now… I no nothing about them except for names and faces… but they look like they’ve got potential, especially coming from a “no-name” label.

    I don’t find 2pm interesting (except for their hot manly looks completely different from other pop boy groups) but I’m starting to like 2am 🙂

    Yay SHINee~


  2. Shinee: a ball of unoriginality and desperation in one.
    2AM and 2PM are an interesting concept, and they’re decent performers.
    U-Kiss freak me out. Their concept is kind of lost to me.

    We’ll see what happens.

  3. 2PM is love<3 i find the others quite boring.

  4. SHINee can definitely sing. I’m not amazed by their dancing skills, but they always look polished and in sync, which is nice, and compared to the huge number of boybands popping out of nowhere, they look infinitely more mature in their performances.

    2AM have amazing voices, and although I wasn’t a huge fan of their title track, it was pleasant to listen to. Can’t say I was at all impressed with U-KISS and 2PM though.

  5. shinee is the best 😀

  6. i like shinee and 2pm…

    ummm.. if i close my eyes U-kiss could work…
    U-kiss members has very young looking members that it doesnt really fit their musical style.. they are way too cute for the hiphop or rnb genre.. hehe

    I’m not into ballads so… T_T

  7. Shinee<3 I love them the most. (x

    2 PM: They’re Okayy.
    2 AM: I’m not relly a ballad kinda person but when I’m in the mood for ballads I would listen to them.
    U-KISS: Eh.

  8. […] their masculine features are sure to be a hit,” stated a representative. Source: Starnews Credit: Seoulfull __________________ Hiru No Tsuki – Akino Arai (Classic Musical Piece) Avatar: Wallace Chung […]

  9. i love shinee the most 🙂
    not all of them dance very well, but taemin’s poppin is jjang! they either sing well or dance well. yeah so it’s a good mixture for me. plus they are goodlooking. (: love minho especially ❤

    2pm are okay. 10 points was addictive. but i feel that their performances, all they do flips and acrobatic stunts on stage. there isn’t much ‘real dancing’.

    2am’s voice are pretty good. 🙂 i like ‘this song’.

    U-kiss. Haha. I feel that their lyrics are laughable. “Stop treating us like kids.””I’m a grown man, ready for romance.” ROFL. but the tunes kind of addictive too.

  10. i love 2pm n 2 am..shinee not bad also!
    but i didnt interested on ukiss…..heh

  11. SHINee!
    they have like cute guys !
    omg i ❤ minho
    so freaking cute
    plus he has such a sexy voice lol

    2PM is not bad
    though i usually just end up watching nickhun
    not actually listening to them sing XD

  12. U-KISS rOckx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. forever!!!!!!

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