Seo Taiji’s T’IKT’AK music video released on the 13th!

September 13, 2008 at 1:18 pm | Posted in Music | 4 Comments

Costing 300 million KRW and taking 2 nights and 3 days to complete, Seo Taiji will reveal his T’IKT’AK music video on the 13th in theaters before the screening of the movie, Twentieth Century Boys.

Seo Taiji Company stated, “This will be releasing public, the main subject presented to the audience being Conspiracy Theories and the World’s End. The video will be viewable as a musical movie and also, as a normal music video. For 3 minutes spectators will be able to focus on Seo Taiji’s music and video.”

T’IKT’AK’s music video begins with an allusion to a gloomy future conspired by a government where everyone is being manipulated and living in fear, giving an appearance of chaos and disorder, a thought provoking image of a future where continuously destruction causes unrest. But still a place where truth prevails, where “truth counts,” and is the last hope for humanity even at the end of it all.

During their 2 nights and 3 days to make the music video, the crew filmed a stunt scene and explosion scene where more than 300 million won was invested in production costs, this after they’d already invested 800 million won in MOAI’s music video.

Source: Newsen
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  1. Ugh.
    Seo Taiji is such a copycat!
    Now i know what he was doing in Japan.
    Can someone say, abingdon boys school? (pics)

    Come on Korea, please try an be more original.
    It’s bad enough that were getting mediocre Korean versions of mediocre American artists. (Rain, Se7en, J-Lim, Min and now BoA.)

  2. To Lucy: go and find your brain before you say something ridiculous like you just said.

  3. To Lucy: FUCK OF …

  4. To Lucy: FUCK OFF …

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