The Big 3: SS501 also to comeback alongside TVXQ & Big Bang

September 12, 2008 at 10:03 pm | Posted in Music | 10 Comments
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SS501 plan to release a new album in October.

Big Bang recently released their 3rd mini album, Stand Up and Asia’s Star, Dong Bang Shin Gi announced in September to make their comeback after a year and 7 months away from Korea and in the midst of this, another of Korea’s BIG3 Idol groups, SS501 releases their plans also.

A spokesperson from DSP Entertainment, the company SS501 is under, recently informed the news source, Newsen that there are “plans to release a new album in mid October,” and that “they’re rushing to finish album preparations. SS501 are working hard and plan to demonstrate how much they’ve developed while gone overseas.”

For the first half of the year SS501 was active in Korea then ventured to Japan where they also went head to head against their idol rivals.

Big Bang’s new album has been doing considerably well and with another new album roughly in the works, it would truly be a confrontation to behold between these 3 idol groups.

DSP’s spokesperson also stated that, “Dong Bang Shin Gi and Big Bang are not having any influence over them. We will take our own path.”

Source: Newsen
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This is proving to be one fantastic year don’t you think?



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  1. This is certainly the battle of the year. I wonder who will win…. 😉

  2. Is there really any doubt who will win? I think the answer is pretty clear.
    It’s just a matter of who gets what awards.

  3. i’m so excited. i think it’s gonna be so awesome with the three of them all active at the same time (has that even happened yet since all three of them debuted?)

  4. Oh, the daesangs this year is going to be a neck and neck race. I don’t know how it is in Korea but there’s already a lot of grumblings among the international TVXQ fans about the drastic image change. And Big Bang and SS501 are different enough in style and sound to make it difficult to predict who’ll win.

  5. I really wonder why so many artists choose to hold their comebacks this late into the year and around the same time; all the competition is kinda overwhelming. It’s gonna be a tough one this year. I just hope that all the upcoming comebacks won’t cause the fans (and judges or whatever) to forget about the awesome albums that have been released earlier this year, ‘cos that’d be unfair to those artists.

  6. Yeah, I agree with bleaghh and Kelly.

    But I think it’s obvious who will win…which sort of angers me lol

  7. even though its obvious who gonna come out on top, im still happy that SS501 is gonna be active in Korea again. i think they are seriously so underrated.

  8. i’m so excited..
    i love those 3 groups..
    ss501 is kinda underrated compare to the other 2..
    but yeah, hopefully they’ll comeback with refresh music..
    who will win this battle?
    wait n see..

  9. im a big fan also of SS501…im looking forward their new album…GUD LUCK AND BEST WISHES

  10. i like SS501! But what songs r on the CD?

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