Solbi Sexy Concept Criticism

September 10, 2008 at 8:41 am | Posted in Music | 8 Comments

On the 8th Solbi released a teaser video for her soon to be released solo album that’s proving to be quite controversial. The reason being that she appears to have transformed herself and showing off a sexier image, very different than the one she has been presenting to the public.

With her group, “Typhoon” she also presented a sexy image but this time around it seems to be much bolder. In addition to showing more skin, she shows off her sexier and provocative side with bold eye makeup and red lipstick.

Netizens who saw the video say that, “she looks much older because of bold makeup” “The sexy concept doesn’t match” and “Please bring back your cute concept!” said one.

Solbi’s title track, “Do It Do It” will be released on the 11th. She will begin album activities on the 20th appearing on MBC’s Show Music Core.

Here’s her teaser video. What do you think?

Source: Empas



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  1. She looks as if she’s in pain in the top right image.

  2. I think this image doesn’t suit her 😐

  3. she looks abit chubby in d video.
    shes olwais bn chubby buh a bit
    chubbier dan usual here.
    d sexy concept doesnt suit her.
    make her look like a cheap hooker.
    not sexy!

  4. Uh huh she does looks older with that thick make up O.o

  5. the makeup is interesting.

  6. I think she’s always wanted to go sexy, but it really doesn’t seem to fit. At least, the makeup.

  7. The make-up is awful! I love Solbi and think she has a gorgeous voice, but what was she thinking? I know the stylists would pick out the make-up/clothing, but she has eyes doesn’t she? Couldn’t she tell them it didn’t look good? ^^;;

  8. solbi looks better with simpler and feminine clothes. In this video she looks like she is over doing it. Too much make up and potraying to be sexy is something else.. indeed she looks more of a stripper to me.

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