BoA’s Debut U.S. Song ‘Eat You Up’ has “Powerful Rhythm Dance Strengths”

September 10, 2008 at 3:46 pm | Posted in Music | 13 Comments

On September 10 at 2pm at the Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel, BoA held a press conference about her U.S. entrance, ‘Best of Asia, Bring on America!’ BoA is ready to advance and has released “Eat You Up” to the public [albeit, a teaser].

According to BoA’s official site, “‘Eat You Up’ was chosen as the finest track for BoA after reviewing thousands of songs. Produced by Bloodshy & Avant, this song is a Reverse Beat Dance Track that stirs Booming Energy, harmonizing BoA’s incredible feminine voice to its fullest and creating a really cool contrast to the aggressive beat. Also BoA’s superior dance and artistic sense create perfect harmony with the music, presenting an impression as if the song is born for BoA. Above all, America’s rap icon, Flo-Rida, who has a hit single, ‘Low’, which was the number one song in Billboard Single Chart for 10 consecutive weeks from January 2008, is to feature for the remix version of ‘Eat You Up’.”

BoA’s dancing skills have especially been attractive. The hip-hop dance choreography have been created by famous American choreographers Misha Gabriel and Flii Styiz. It was made for a professional dancer and is reportedly difficult to do, but Flii Styiz and Misha Gabriel were surprised.

Flii said, “BoA is very talented. I’m convinced that she can be a hot icon in the U.S. with this fantastic choreography.” Misha Gabriel also said, “BoA’s dancing comes very naturally for her. She can do the highest level of dancing. I was surprised there was this kind of singer in Asia.”

Flii has worked together with Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Usher, R. Kelly, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, and Misha has worked with Justin Timberlake and Mariah Carey.

The U.S. market was a target by local SM Entertainment 3 years ago, and recently SM USA was founded. BoA’s U.S. team who will produce her debut single includes Bloodshy & Avant, who have worked with Madonna, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez, and project manager Max Gousse, who has worked with Justin [Timberlake] and Usher.

SOURCE: Newsen
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American Teaser:

Korean Teaser:

What do you think will become of BoA’s U.S. debut? Do you like the song? From SEOULFULL, we wish the Best of Luck to the Best of Asia. According to her official site, the single “Eat You Up” is scheduled to be released on October 14. For more information, visit BoA’s official site BoA America.

Personally, I like the beats of the song and even though her accent is obvious, I found that I could still understand her. Above all, her dancing is amazing as usual, and while this looks good so far, I guess we’ll just have to see and time will tell.

Edited for more information:

“On October 7th, both music videos of ‘Eat You Up’ will be revealed online. On November 11th, BoA’s management is planning to officially release the single to the public in stores and online through Amazon, Myspace, iTunes, and even ringtone downloads. Her first album’s details were also mentioned, and the album’s title song is entitled `LOOK WHO`S TAILING’. Her first album is scheduled to release in 2009 and she will be promoting the album with appearances on TV shows, radio programs, and at clubs. After her promotion period, she is planning to do a nationwide concert tour.”

Source: MyDaily, Credit: BoAjjang

P.S. It’s reported that she injured her arm on the stairs in her company’s building on Tuesday.



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  1. *woot* I love the Korean teaser much better 😉
    But it’s such a strange title for a debut song no?
    I can’t wait for her to showcase more of her voice instead of sounding digital in the teasers or is it because I am not listening with my headphone? xD

  2. I can’t wait for the release
    it’s too good! *_*

  3. dudeee
    the korean teaser should be more appealing to americans than the american my opinion, that is
    but she looked sooo different with the make up in the US teaser
    lastly.. i like the song and the dancing but not the squeaky repetition of “i eat you up” at the end..-___-

  4. Wat in the world … yes i agree with quynh!
    Err i dont think the american market will like that sorta artist. I think they overdid the sex appeal thing …wat the …i think its really selling BoA short.
    The choreography is cool and all but like ..they are really limiting their market here. Maybe SM should re-evaluate their marketing strategies lmao and research some more. It doesn’t promote BoA’s amazing voice …and the market will just overlook her

  5. OMG if they dont show the Korean Version, I’ll totally Flip.

    The U.S version was horrible.

    The Song is great, but please put the K Version.

  6. OMG If BoA doesn’t make it i would be mad but y is the korean vid better then the US vid shouldnt it be the other way around since she has a name in korea already..they sold her short like the vid is soo cheap and the song didn’t show her vocal rangebut the song is catchy they should have done something like girls on top…her and her song titles hahaha^_^ i showed my mom the vids she said she thinks BoA might make it by the way im not azn soo…i hope she does make it

  7. It souds promising =0 and yeah the korean tesaer is much better 😛

  8. both are Great for me!!
    I love this song so much! I hear to it all the time And yeah so addictive

  9. I hope in 2009 she’ll do a concert around where I am! GO BOA!!

  10. I love BoA!!!!
    this song is really catchy and very addictive!!
    The korean version suits her more than the american one!! The korean one shows more of BoA’s true style!!
    I wish boA all the best in her debut and pray that she succeeds in America!!

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  12. I’m looking forward to this! The song is catchy and her dance is crazy cool! I think she’ll do well! 😀

  13. […] BoA’s expected entry into the American music industry, it’s apparent that her career will take a different direction regarding its new intended […]

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