SM-YG-JYP ‘Female Idols’ Head-To-Head Confrontation!

September 9, 2008 at 6:39 am | Posted in Music | 7 Comments
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SM-YG-JYP Entertainment companies which churn out top Korean stars now pit their top female idols against each other.

Already in it’s 3rd generation of idol groups with male groups, SHINee-Big Bang-2AM & 2PM, this has become a golden generation for idols where the competition is fierce.

Representing Lee Soo Man’s SM Entertainment is their only female group, Girl’s Generation. Expect the girls to make a comeback with their 2nd album later this year. Last August, Girl’s Generation were at the the top with their debut single, “Into A New World” and later releasing Lee Seung Chul’s remake of the song, “Girl’s Generation” which was one of the top hit remakes last year. Blue Sky’s Yu Young Suk will be producing their upcoming album which is already creating quite buzz.

JYP Park Jin Young who is recognized in the American market already, is also sharing the spotlight with his group, Wonder Girls who are is receiving world wide attention as they announce the release of their upcoming second album in September.

Images of the Wonder Girl’s members newly transformed look that’s expected to be part of their new album has been circulating online already causing great anxiety among fans waiting for their new release.

Last year was “Lies,” and this year, “Day By Day” YG’s hit male group, Big Bang continues to dominate the competition. And now, YG also plans to send out a female group to challenge the competition.

Yang Hyun Suk is in the process of preparing a female group known as the “Female Big Bang” and with G-Dragon helping to produce, anxiety of their release runs high among fans.

There was already widespread interest about YG female artists such as Park Bom who has starred in Any Star commercial’s alongside Lee Hyori and Lee Junki. Also, Gong Min Ji who is the granddaughter of famous Korean folk dancer, Gong Ok Jin and CL who is known for her superior rapping skills. YG had planned to debut his female group at the beginning of summer this year but they needed more time for the album preparation therefore their debut had to be delayed.

All eyes will be on these groups to witness what turn of events unfold as they compete against each other.

Source: Daum News



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  1. “Representing Lee Soo Man’s SM Entertainment is their only female group, Girl’s Generation.”
    this is so depressing. “only female group”? what, has csjh the grace been dropped into oblivion or sth?

  2. Their oblivion would be Japan sadly enough

  3. CSJH is the best!!!
    Waiting the day when the true PASTEL PINK returns ❤

  4. Hmmm…. This is interesting!!
    Wonder Girls=Sexy
    Park Bom + Gong Min Ji=???
    I wonder how the competition will go!!
    But whatever happened to CSJH? Aren’t they under SM as well??
    I think I’ll support SNSD but I’ll be looking forward to YG’s girlband!!!

  5. We all know that the reason why CSJH wasn’t added was because they would have blown all the competiton away…

    They’re just competing the younger generations

  6. Nice, very nice 🙂

  7. what do you mean by only? csjh is also a female group, and they are also as good as snsd.

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