Seo Taiji Power! Ten billion earned only after 2 months

September 9, 2008 at 4:52 am | Posted in Music | Leave a comment

Music 30 million… Advertisments 1 million… Public performances 40 million… Other 20 million

And now with Tiktak, and Human Dream music videos… Even more performances lined up… His income is expected to rise even more.

Seo Taiji returned to the scene after four years, releasing his 8th album 1st single. With his comeback he has had explosive earnings due to album sales, advertising, and public performances.

Ordinarily it would take a top star in the business to earn the amount Seo Taiji has in five years which goes to show how much of an influence Seo Taiji has.

Before his comeback, Seo Taiji’s already highly priced 15 year anniversary edition containing all his hits were offered to fans, but since a limited amount was offered, they sold out quickly causing fans to turn to online auctions where the prices were even higher. Seo Taiji also was the CF model for GM’s Daewoo car where he earned approximately 10 million.

Even though Seo Taiji’s music bears the same resemblance as it did when he first joined the industry, he’s still popular among the new generation where idol groups rein. With online music, Seo Taiji currently earned about 10 million.

Another extra income was the ETPFEST 2008 concert that was sponsored by his company, Seo Taiji Company last month at the Jamsil baseball field. There were approximately 30 thousand spectators which resulted in 40 million won.

Seo Taiji who is in collaboration with the Symphony Orchestra that will perform on the 27th first started selling tickets in advance to the public and eight thousand tickets were sold almost instantaneously.

Currently Seo Taiji is involved in producing his latest music video. “This time I wish to be actively involved in the industry for a long while,” stated Taiji.

Source: Empas News


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